Munich,Germany: Arson attack on radio mast – high property damage

Munich, 19.11.19: The fire of a mobile radio mast in Munich has caused damage of around 250,000 euros.
There is a high probability of arson, police said on Wednesday. Since one suspects a left-political motivation, the state protection took over the investigations. But there are still no findings on the exact backgrounds. The forces also saw the fire from afar. At about 40 meters height burned the platform of a transmission tower.
With two fire trucks and an aerial ladder the fire department will eventually extinguish the fire. In order to be able to search the platform for embers, a special articulated mast with a working platform was requested. The device has a maximum working height of 53 meters. This allowed the emergency services to reach the platform.


Actforfree received anonymous email 21/11/19

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