Munich,Germany : Solidarity with the social revolt in Chile!

Munich, 20.11.19: In Chile tens of thousands of people have been revolting for weeks against the prevailing normality. Police stations, churches, banks, shopping malls, buses, subway stations and universities burn. The normal everyday life has come to a standstill and the state and capitalist power is attacked.
How can we express our solidarity and solidarity with the revolts there?
There are various possibilities … in Munich, for example, In recent nights, several ticket machines have been lit and burned at various stations. Also, the Chilean Consulate was defaced with color and “fire all states! (A) “sprayed next to this. A nearby church was smeared and sprayed on “No God No State No Patriarchy” on it.
It would be nice if such proposals were to be disseminated wildly and other possibilities of solidarity put into practice.
Actforfree received anonymous email 21/11/19

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