>Emergency Solidarity Demo for the Thessaloniki 4



Emergency Solidarity Demo for the Thessaloniki 4 // 11am Saturday Jan 29th* // Greek Tourist Office, Central London
Greek tourist offices, 4 conduit st ( off regent st ), w1s 2dj Location of demo
The saga of the trial currently taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece continues with a judgement on the four now due on Monday January 31st. It was always clear that the trial and the repression which preceded was motivated and directed at the highest levels of the Greek State.
We do not think that justice is a value known to the courts, especially when the police have taken upon themselves to enforce the repression of the political establishments and continue to perpetrate lies to ensure convictions.
This Monday, January 31st, will see Simon’s lawyer give his final summary to the courts after which the Judges and Jury will retire to consider a decision.
We call on all comrades, sympathisers and freedom-lovers to show their solidarity with the four defendants
Solidarity to Simon Chapman, Suleiman “Kastro” Dakdouk , Michaelis Triakapis and Fernando Perez Gorraiz
We are with you all!
Everyone to the Streets!
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*Saturday January 29th is also the date for the next big anti-austerity demonstrations which starts from 12noon at ULU, malet street.
We hope those travelling to the demo will come early to attend the solidarity demo before hand. Please spread the word and let people
know they can do both.

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