Toronto,Canada : skale: a symphony of brick and glass

condo developer skale was attacked last night.
their ‘project’ at queen and gladstone “a provocative and innovative symphony
of metals, glass and brick”
is another attack on the community of parkdale.
these streets this neighbourhood
is not a “world-famous centre of cool and creativity”
it is (was) our home our community
that we are being (were already) pushed out of by developers
yuppie businesses and scumbag landlords.
this violence
this trauma
is tearing apart communities
and lives.
so that the rich can steal our homes
a playground for capital
while we are left to die.
grassroots artists created
another symphony of brick and glass.
rocks were thrown through several windows of the sales office.
this was done to send a message.
gentrifiers not welcome
yuppies not welcome
no more condos
stay the fuck out of our neighbourhood.
Anonymous submission to North Shore

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