Italy : A letter from Amma

Notes: On November 12, 2019, Amma, Uzzo and Patrick were transferred from the “Le Vallette” prison (in Turin) to house arrest, with no other special restrictions
A letter written in mid-October


I’d like to make a few preliminary remarks to explain what I mean by the word “solidarity”, distinguishing it from how I see the concept of “closeness”. This preamble, which serves as an introduction to my text, doesn’t wish to undermine any anarchist comrade’s way of acting, but rather to raise a critique as a contribution to the discussion between individualities who find themselves struggling against our enemy, so as to refine and sharpen our ideas and the practices that ensue.
I often see anarchist comrades, some of whom I consider very solid because of reasoning and struggles shared throughout time, being trapped in the logic of representation intrinsic to moments – such as “demonstrations” called “communicative” (1) or certain gatherings outside the prison walls.
In the first case, from my point of view (my calling it “point of view” doesn’t mean reducing it to an opinion, but disclosing the will to question the idea that derives from it, even for those who want to silence this discordant voice by calling me a priest, holder of the truth, dogmatic and so on), and I am giving of points of view as I consider myself an individualist and consequently unique and at the same time refuse objectivity and absolute reality because what happens or simply is, is elaborated by each one in a different way, even if imperceptibly (2), these “demonstrations” are the result of a political logic, which doesn’t belong to me as an anarchist, a logic which aims to gain consensus concerning for example the harmfulness of nuclear power instead of sharing a reasoning that leads to identifying a problem as such.

This attitude opens the door to the techno-capitalist domination’s favourite game, i.e. the recuperation of struggles and dissent of those who make a strong point of making specific requests and seeking alliances instead of complicity; but now, going back to the start of my confused waffle, alas the cage doesn’t do anyone any good, I’d like to come to the crux of the question: the concept of solidarity can’t be split from that of revenge, otherwise it becomes closeness, representation in the worst case.
To expose oneself in a gathering in “solidarity” with a prisoner who has suffered violence from screws is a noble and very much appreciated gesture, but this is closeness (unless it is a moment of real attack on the prison structure, I am not interested in establishing when one attacks and when one doesn’t because I think that this is up to those who act and question their acting and the tension that pushed them to go there). An excellent example is the anarchist campaign launched a couple of years ago “for a dangerous June” or the day of 9.02.2019 in solidarity with the Asilo eviction. Solidarity is one of the weapons of anarchy but in order to be such it must attack.
Today 14th October they told me that my eardrum was perforated due to the screws’ violence and I am making a call for anarchist solidarity given that to act with the instruments of the system that incarcerated me disgusts me and I won’t make any denunciation or submit any claim.
Let fear change sides. They accuse us of terrorism, if we really succeeded in striking terror into our enemy it would be beautiful.
WITH CREST HELD HIGH… December is coming
Amma, prison of Vallette, Turin
1.Does propaganda by the deed say anything to you? To pelt cops with stones or to kneecap Adinolfi, doesn’t that convey something?
2.Here Nihilism comes into play.
  Inferno Urbano
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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