Chile: Communique from the comrade Juan Aliste Vega (24/10/2019)

Revolt, new generation and autonomous subversion

An awakening by a new lucid generation willing to break the alienation and anaesthesia of the citizen. Cultivated by power for decades. A capitalist project founded on dictatorship sustained with the coating of democracy, democracy with the stench of teargas and fascist politics. Thus fear continued to seep into lives, being an unequivocal extension of a military police state. Power’s instruments of dominion are embellished with shop windows and consumption (90s). The dominant axis oil the media providing them with bread and circuses, promise with speeches and harangues selling life improvements and offers of supposed equality and justice. With the political casing of their democracy and the mixture of individualism, consumerism, cocaine and teargas they ensured control and their social peace, and for generations a few have enriched themselves in passing at the expense of the misery of many. The above is just to locate the detonator ignited by this new generation in Revolt that has left fear behind, distancing itself from the citizen plague, passing over the arrogance of power and attacking it with the rebel vitality that flows and connects in complicity to subvert.
The bottom line is not to make this or that claim. The rot has already set it and is the system, the way of life and those who support it. The Revolt is conquering everything that has been silenced by power and its governments on the job, it is lucid action unmasking the plague of capitalism imposed on lives. October 18, 2019 marks a different explosion, a revolt we are not extraneous to.

The libertarian fire makes us happy. We are rediscovering sabotage, expropriation, combat, decision, complicity and autonomous rebellion.
As subversive prisoners we become the Revolt, stating that reasons abound for more subversion. Our convictions are oxygenated with the real, the moment where the State is burning and being surpassed. We reaffirm that their institutions in deterioration are no more than the crawling guards of a capitalist model. Prepared to defend their position-wealth by raising repressive intensity in the midst of the revolt, State Security Law is established, a military state is implemented with soldiers in control, more cops and guards at their service in the streets. A military and police state imposed on the path of all lives.
The stench of political parties and their structures following the current buffoon will deploy their communication and spreader of disinformation media battery to tell their story. Their brass phrases will shine: “Now we’re talking”, “Let’s look after everything that has been achieved”, “Let’s protest peacefully”, “Let’s talk”, and such supplications. Once again they want to tell their lies, cover up the dead and we will all be criminals.
Their facial impression and words will want to convince that everything is normal, given that everything is rotten!!!
The continuation of the struggle keeps alive revolt and subversion; it has an imprint of a young face that smashes the established, it is not limited to claiming, it does not respond to forbidding projects nor to verticalities, it combines with the multiform horizontality of direct action, its oxygen is libertarian and fear has been tamed.
Let complicity multiply by strengthening urban combat, which guerrillas break out in every corner against the military police state and all its citizen political fauna.
For the destruction of the prison society!
Autonomous subversion and permanent revolt!!
For as long as there is misery there will be rebellion!
Juan Aliste Vega
Subversive Prisoner
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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