France : Matthias is out of jail!

On 24th October 2019, Matthias* finally left the prison of Champ Dollon.
After many requests and appeals, the federal Tribunal finally ordered TMC (Tribunal des mesures de contrainte [court of restrictive measures]) to take the alternative measures proposed by the former into account.
Matthias has to wear an electronic tag and is forbidden to leave the flat where he resides. He is also forbidden to have any contact with 11 of his dearest friends, even if they had been allowed to visit him in Champ Dollon.
Come and support Matthias*, Mirabelle* and Raoul at the trial due to take place in the court of Geneva, Place du Bourg de four 1, Wednesday 6th November 2019 at 8:30am.
Here is a letter he wrote when he was released from prison.
“First of all I’d like to apologize for only answering your messages of support now, as I left prison on Thursday 24th October, but this is the amount of time I needed to reconnect with reality outside the prison walls.

There were 328 days’ imprisonment in Champ-Dollon, where we were subjected to many humiliations from the guards, scorn, sadism, sexist and even racist comments, their need to be authoritarian and their desire to make us pay for the crimes we allegedly committed, but these were also 328 days to evolve and to grow, 328 days of your great and unflinching support, 328 days when you made me feel important in your struggle and 328 days when your words, letters and many other things helped me to not forget the light that exists beyond the walls.
For me it’s impossible to express my gratitude to those who in one way or another helped me through these difficult 328 days, but I just wanted to let you know that thanks to you I didn’t feel forgotten, I didn’t feel alone and I never felt lost.
All this is not over yet and on 6th November the Court will decide the next steps.
I also think of my friends that I can’t get in touch with. I’m waiting impatiently for the day when I can finally spend time with them freely.
And another million thanks to those who supported me throughout these 11 months”.
A quick reminder of the facts: between January and November 2018, along with another five activists, Matthias allegedly destroyed the windows of 9 Genevan butcher’s shops, trashed many other specist buildings, ransacked a Persian slaughterhouse and trashed buildings linked to vivisection in Fribourg. On 6th and 7th November, three of these activists will go on trial: Matthias*, Mirabelle*, who was locked up in Champ Dollon for a month, and Raoul.
Let’s not forget the victims of specism (an ideology whereby sentient individuals are treated differently according to arbitrary criteria linked to their species).
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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