Observations, DNA sampling and more house raids – some (older and newer) news about the park bench 3.
Update 08.11.
According to the Public prosecutor’s office, on the evening of the arrest one of the accused was watched filling a canister with petrol at a petrol station.
Two of the defendants are said to have been observed from their home to the park bench, where they were then checked and arrested by several civilian dressed police officers.
As already stated, DNA was taken from the two companions in custody.
The DNA extraction of the 3rd person was (at that time) not ordered because the DNA traces found on the examined evidence were (albeit very weakly) only of male origin. This meant that the accused was not a possible culprit. After a complaint from the General Public prosecutor’s office, the regional court Hamburg decided to request the DNA of the 3rd person. The reason given by the experts a the LKA (State Criminal Police Office) is a concern due to “complex mixed traces” found. All three DNA samples will presumably also be compared with the BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office) database, as this order was also issued.

On 09.10.2019 there was another house raid of the 3rd person accused.
The cops went into the flat alone, the only “witness” was the locksmith.
Officially, the reason for the raid was to find handwritten records for
a comparative writing report. The LKA were searching for the author of a note that was confiscated during the arrest. It has also become clear that further investigations are being carried out and, in particular, further persons are being looked for. During the house search, the LKA made it clear that people close of the three accused are being observed and are known by name.
Following the house raid, DNA was also taken from the third defendant.
The latest decision made by the regional court regarding the DNA of the third person has however, been challenged again. Currently, a new
decision of the district court is awaited and the DNA, which lies with
the cops, may not be (further) analysed, for the time being.
At the present time, a new remand review will not be applied for. The
reason for this being that while the obvious ongoing investigation is
happening, that the State lawyers will withhold information. Which means that a hearing resulting in the two leaving remand prison will be almost impossible to grant.
If the Prosecutor General’s Office remains within the 6-month framework, the indictment must be issued before the turn of the year and the first trial date must take place before 8 January 2020.
Update 18.11.2019: The trial of the park bench 3 – Indictment –
After more than 4 months in which two of the accused have been held in custody, the senior public prosecutor’s office has now served the
indictment. The three will be charged with the “preparation of a serious arson attack”.
It is likely that the trial will start this year. This is because the
pre-trial detention period, which in Germany has to be reviewed after 6
months, will be over on the 8th January. If the trail were to start this
year already, this pre-trial detention hearing will not need to take place.
An additional update: The district court has now granted the public
prosecutor’s request to use the DNA of the third defendant (one of the
three who is not in custody). This DNA sample may now be used in the
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This is a collection of material found online regarding a case of repression in northern Germany and the arrest of three Anarchist comrades.
According to the press, they are accused of preparing an arson attack
in connection with the anniversary of the riots against the G20 summit
in Hamburg in 2017. It must be clearly stated that this is a construct
created by the organs of repression.
Yet at the same time, it is important to place these arrests into context and to understand the atmosphere which has developed in Hamburg in the wake of the G20. e police and politicians suffered a practical defeat on the streets in July, 2017 and have since then carefully constructed a diverse counter attack, one which uses the media, and other mechanisms of control to assert itself.
The State uses its repressive apparatus to assert its power to intimidate, to investigate and observe those who oppose its domination, those who create projects which fight for liberation.These arrests are being used as an opportunity to investigate militant networks, both in Germany and beyond. It is important for comrades to keep their eyes and ears open, to act carefully, to remain in solidarity with one another and most importantly, to continue creating projects of freedom. To be on the street, to write, share information, to attack, to self-organise, to protect one another and continue building trust.
For the social revolution.
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