Athens ,Greece : Attack against surveillance systems company in Kaisariani area

While the garbage in uniforms occupied for another night Exarchia and the center of Athens, to fulfill the dreams of Mr. Chryssochidis of a dead and safe city, our ways lead to a soft target.
The image of George Orwell „1984“ is already reality. The internet of things implements televisions, refrigerators and other electronic stuff in our homes, in order to collect our data, to surveil our habits, to transform human life in digital algorithem. They call it Smart City, we call it a totalitarean society.
A company which sells the hard ware of the smart city and also its ideologie, is the security company „alphacom“. Alphacom not only provides this, but also cctv technology and other equipment for the rich and for authorities, to protect their interests. And last but not least, alphacom is selling and installing the products of Tyco. Tyco is a mulitinational company, which produces surveillance technologie for prisons worldwide and other security forces.

In the early hours of December 2, we burned the van of alphacom  in front of their shop in Kaisariani.
This fire was lit for anarchist prisoner Dino Giagtzoglou, who wrote a letter to the International Meeting against the Techno-Sciences in Italy (July 2019) *
in which he mentions many reasons to fight this part of the capitalist powersystem. We welcome the upcoming researches about the players in this game. **
This fire was also lit for Loic, still in prison in Hamburg.
Finally, this attack was made in solidarity and sympathy with those persecuted for the Revolutionary Self-Defense case, as well as those persecuted for good intentions, kinship or friendship. Our strength and solidarity are superior to the politics and repressive operations.
Strength to the comrades Michailidis, Athanassopoulou, Chatzivasileiadis, who are in illegality.



(translation, source

Received 06/12/2019

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