Athens,Greece: Belgian Anarchist comrade accused for ‘Possession of explosives’

Belgian comrade accused for ‘Possession of explosives’
On the evening of 5th of December, in the neighborhood of Holargos,
Athens, a Belgian anarchist got intercepted by two uniformed cops in a
patrol car, seemingly carrying out a random ID check and search. Seeing that the comrade appeared in the police database and the cops found some items on him which they considered suspicious, he was taken to Holargos police station. After some fruitless attempts of interrogation by the local cops, cops from state security arrived and laid on more pressure, again without results. The state security cops took the comrade to their offices on the 6th floor of the main police station (Gada), in the center of Athens.
At 4 in the morning he got transferred from there to the cell complex one floor up. Some hours later a house search was carried out on the comrades house, as well as on the house where his comrade and partner is staying, and the house of her parents. In all cases the cops left empty-handed. The partner was taken to the state security offices and was released after two hours. Later that day the arrested comrade appeared in front of a prosecutor which confirmed the accusation of ‘Possession of explosives’ formulated by the state security, referring to the items found on the comrade at the time of his arrest (fire starters, a bottle of cleaning product and anti-mosquito spiral). The next day, Saturday 7th of December, the comrade appeared in front of court where it was decided to postpone the trial until upcoming Thursday 12th of December. After the hearing, the comrade was released from custody.

The eagerness with which the media spoke about this case, regurgitating the lies of the cops or creating new ones as they went, doesn’t surprise us. Like this they fulfill their everlasting role of servants of power, reproducing and enforcing its words and its image at any possible occasion.
The eagerness with which the cops communicated to the media to give the basis to create this whole spectacle, of course doesn’t surprise us
either. Besides the fact that every state will seize any moment it sees
fit to show off with repressive blows against its enemies, the current
Greek government is particularly intensifying this whenever and wherever it can since it came to power in July this year. It goes hand in hand with the rather aggressive restructuring of its repressive presence in daily life.
As is known they are waging a general war against immigrants, anarchists, squatters, thieves, drug addicts and whoever
else who is unwanted, against or just useless to this system. It goes
without saying that every state is waging this war, although it seems
this government has made it into the spear tip of its existence.
In these changing times we stay who we are, armed with our anarchist
ideas and with the will to destroy what seeks to destroy any possible
We were and will always be on the side of those who choose to fight, to
sabotage and to attack power in all its forms and colors, wherever its
tentacles can be found.
Athens, December 8th 2019
Received on 8/12/19

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