AUSTRIA : On the 6th of December, in Vienna, a solidarity demo for the squats in Greece and against state repression.

On the 6th of December, in Vienna,we did a solidarity demo for the squats in greece and against state repression. We gave away texts, put up banners and shouted slogans in greek, german and english. The demo, of about 50 people, started from Karlsplatz square and moved to the greek embassy, where flyers were thrown.
The text that was given out:
From Vienna to Greece and to the world
Against State Repression
We are a diverse group of students, workers, migrants and residents of Vienna, who came together inorder to express our protestation against repression and police violence that is being increasinglyexerted by the Greek state against refugees, migrants and social and political initiatives of the anarchists, solidarity, radical left and anti-authoritarian movements.
As of September 2019, the right-wing conservative Greek government, initiated a new round of stateviolence, including evictions of squats hosting refugees and escalated with attacks against social and political spaces, police invasions in universities, cinemas and cafes. Besides a burst of indiscriminate police violence against protesters, journalists and onlookers there were also documented incidents of torture, sexual abuse and harassment and illegal surveillance of vehicles of activists by GPS devices. On top of that, the Greek government published an ultimatum – which expires on the 6th of December -demanding the voluntary eviction of all the squatted buildings, whether designated for housing refugees or political initiatives.

The 6th of December is a symbolic date in Greece for the struggle against state repression. Eleven years ago, on this day, the 15 years old Alexis Grigoropoulos was shot dead by a Greek cop, just because he was walking in Exarchia, a neighborhood of Athens known for hosting plentiful political and social initiatives related to the anarchist and radical movement. This incident led to a mass social uprising.
This ultimatum does not stand alone. It comes after the plan of the Greek government to turn the refugee hotspots into closed camp-prisons or to transfer refugees to desolate islands, while new stricter institutional frames for asylum are being already applied. Within this institutional background, incidents such as restrictions to asylum services for specific individuals because of their origin, illegal push-backs to Turkey and incidents of terror used by European border police against refugees in boats,although also recorded during the previous four years of the social-democratic governance, they turn now to become a daily routine.
This war against migration is not just a greek issue. Most European countries – with Austria included- are already applying anti-migration agendas, leading to stricter asylum policies, to the increase ofdeportations and to cuts of money be meant for social services and refugee support structures.Central and northern European countries are using Greece as a deposit for the arriving migrants,whose majority is finally forced to settle in detention camps on islands, under inhuman and miserableconditions. Lesvos, Chios, Kos are such places we all should be aware of.
The ultimatum against squats in Greece, is another injury to the insult, as regards the ongoing war against minorities, migrants and solidarity movements. We are alarmed because the escalation of state violence can lead to unpredictable damages on people’s freedoms, even on human lives. However, we are not afraid, and we will not stay silent. We mobilize, and this is what we ask you to do. Whether in Vienna, or in any other part of the world.
On the 6th of December 2019 we meet at 18:30 at Karlsplatz in front of the Karlskirche and together we demonstrate to the Greek embassy.
Solidarity with migrants and refugees, with the squatted house initiatives, with the political andsocial centers of anticapitalist and antiauthoritarian movement in Greece.
Solidarity with the people who face and resist oppression and state brutality all over the world. Chile, Iraq, Iran, Hong Kong, you are not alone.
via: athensindymedia

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