UK : Sabotage at Youth Prison, Bristol

Back again! we paid another visit to Vinney Green ‘Secure Unit’ (AKA
Youth Prison), on the outskirts of Bristol.  We sabotaged and
immobilised 4 cars belonging to screws.  Vinney Green was previously
attacked in June (see: bristol-solidarity-graffiti-for-anarchist-prisoners-by-eco-anarchist-vandals-fai-irf-uk/)

24 young people (aged 10-18) are incarcerated at Vinney Green. It is one
of 15 secure units in England, and is currently being expanded. There
were 144 assaults there last year. The prison has been publicly
criticised for it’s “high use of restraint” among other things (but do
not mistake us; there is no such thing as a “good” prison, and it is
never acceptable to use restraint)…

Remember the kids this Christmas.  Remember Alexis Grigoropoulos, who
was shot by police in Greece aged 15.

In this time when many are turning to the ballot box… we took to the
streets.  A juvenille prank, for those in juvie…. Their cameras and
fences do not deter us…and our rage will never be silenced by their
electioneering and rhetoric.  Boris Johnson promises tougher sentences.
We promise more actions….

Until next time.
Fire to the prisons!
December Cell


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