Thessaloniki, Greece: Intervention at the Italian consulate for the prosecution of 45 comrades for anti-militarism in Italy

In September 2019, Cagliari’s prosecutor’s office created a huge paper book covering all anti-militant actions carried out in the period 2014-2017, accusing 45 comrades – 5 of them charged with article 270bis, of  “subversive organization with terrorist intentions “. The charges include interventions against the growing militarization and territorial militarization of NATO forces in Italy – anti-militaristic marches and actions, rallying outside military bases and violations of supervised military zones.
This new judicial campaign is part of an intensification of repression by the Italian state that has been launching  for the past year a peculiar pogrom against those who fight or are in surplus for the Salvini government’s far-right rhetoric .

Within a year we are already measuring the repressive revanchism of state and judicial authorities through cases such as the arrest, extradition and imprisonment of the long wanted combatant Cesare Battisti, the repressive operations “Scintilla” and “Renata” and the recent imprisonment of anarchist comrade Giuspe Sciacca indicted for “manufacturing, possessing and transporting explosives”, for dispatching explosives to Ladisa, the company that operated the canteen at the CPR (“Temporary Residence Center”, migrants prison) in Turin.
The Italian state is targeting 45 people this time for actions that fall into the collective actions of hundreds of combatants who over the years have opposed the intensification of militarization in Italian territories. It accuses 5 combatants of terrorism, at the same time sowing fear, violence and terrorism out of the wars he generates and contributes. From participation, support and contribution to the Syrian war (through NATO bases and the Leonardo arms industry which is the 9th strongest internationally, with the Italian state holding 30.2% of the shares) to the war waged all of this months against the immigrants by the fascist Salvini government.
The method used by the Salvini government since the very first day of its rule that has been unwelcome to all immigrants by blocking ports and airports, showing that slowly the sea between Italy and Greece will be transformed into a huge landmine camp. Defense Minister Elisabetta Trenta stated that the defense spending imposed by NATO on the member states must also include non-military investments that enhances the security of civilians referring to the protection of energy infrastructures, in particular the investments made by the Italian State hydrocarbons and natural gas extraction in the Ionian Sea as well as the natural gas pipelines ending up at the Italian stations via Greece.
In these wars, we have a debt to stand in the way, blocking the armaments of the states, the weapons and defense systems industries, the territorial strengthening and integrity of the militarized zones occupying more and more territories around us. To block transnational partnerships beneath the NATO war horizon, each fighting the enemy within his own country.
We send our solidarity to those who are fighting against Italian militarism by actually building a fighting international anti-war movement that will block the criminal plans of power over our lives.
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