Bristol,uk: army company Babcock Bristol Attacked

The war machine is in operation 24/7. Despite the night shift at
Babcock in Long Ashton, we snuck over the fence and damaged a fuel tank
that forms part of their heating system.
Babcock are the second biggest contractor to the Ministry of Defence in
the UK. They have 4 premises in Bristol alone. They specialise in the
navy and nuclear industries. We hope our small act will show how many
different ways it is possible to resist, without voting!
This “prison island” will continue whoever is prime minister. We reject
all politicians and have only contempt for those who buy their lies and
cheap promises.

To those who forget the many aspects of control and repression used in
the social war, and buy into Labour’s hype by focusing only on the
National Health Service… we laugh at you in the darkness, and angrily
ask…. Do you remember Iraq?

Solidarity with those on the streets in the Green Zone in Baghdad, and
belated greetings to everyone who rebelled on the International Day of
Action for Rojava 14th December.
Actforfree received by email: 20/12/19

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