>Letter declaring prison food abstention in greece



We know it by first hand. Thousands of paths lead to freedom and thousands of disagreements can exist among those that fight. Besides, each individual, each group, each organization consists another tendency of the revolutionary community, however…

When we close our eyes the same pictures are painted in our minds. When we take our decisions the same smile is shaped on our faces. When we go on the attack same are the pulses of our hearts and when we fall in the hands of the enemy we draw and emit the same force. And we share the same pride, the same weirdness, the same sky…

The hit on one of us, is a hit on all of us. And the struggle of one of us, is the struggle of all of us. The tortures, the trials, the prosecutions of a generation of guerillas, revolutionaries, anarchists might aim separately, but they will have all of us against them.

In the war that we consciously accentuate and that has no end, no revolutionary will be alone.

The increased qualitatively and quantitatively hostilities, the hostages of war that ignited it, are and will be met with the proportionate upgraded repression.
Specially made rooms, increased measures of safety, the filling of those who attend the trials, will be included in the scedule of the theatrical plays of governmental revenge.

The war cry of the members and the defendants of the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire inaugurates the new battles that will take place from now on on the field of the enemy.

It shows us that this war does not stop with the arrest of a fighter and continues under any condition.
From the avenues with flaming barricades, to the careful escapes in the alley ways of the metropolis, from the yard of every prison to the court rooms full of “ekamites” (special forces), we would stand tall in order to defend our honour, freedom, the struggle, the revolution.

We therefore begin abstention of prison food as of today today Thursday* 27th of January as a token of friendship, respect and revolutionary solidarity to the struggle of the members and the defendants of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire, that give a luminous example of dignity and proud attitude, affixing the revolutionary intolerance against the intolerance of their persecutors and state justice.

Dimitris Fessas
Babis Tsilianidis
Dimitris Dimtsiadis

Koridallos prisons

Socratis Tzifkas
Giannis Skouloudis
Panagiotis Anastasiadis
Stelios Anastasiadis

Avlona prisons

P.S. We know that the abstention from the prison food as a mean of struggle has a demanding character and has a limited scope, we cannot however but follow it as an aspect of the spectrum of possibilities that we have at our disposal and to completely support as our choice under these particular conditions.

*While in Avlona prisons we began yesterday 26th
boubourAs tlanslate actforfreedomnow!

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