Italy: Latest updates on anarchist prisoners

 Operazione Scintilla – Updates on Peppe
A hearing was held on December 13 in Turin to re-examine the precautionary measures regarding Peppe, arrested in Verona November 26 and immediately taken to the Montorio prison in Verona. Unfortunately the review court confirmed his imprisonment.
The address to write to Peppe:
Giuseppe Sciacca
casa circondariale di Montorio
via S. Michele n.15
37141 Verona
The details for contributing to present and future expenses:
POSTEPAY EVOLUTION addressed to Maria Emilia Grigolini
number 5333 1710 3675 7769
IBAN: IT05P0760105138250239950240
Operazione Panico – New account for benefit
We have a new card for benefit money raised for Operation Panico, both for legal expenses and that of the prisoners
The new details are:
POSTEPAY EVOLUTION addressed to Micol Marino
card no. 5333 1710 9589 2077
IBAN: IT22M3608105138272359572366
The old card is no longer valid.
The grounds of the judgement were presented on December 4, and the deadline to appeal expires on January 20.

Stecco has been trasferred
Stecco has been transferred to Modena prison.
To write to him:
Luca Dolce
Str. Sant’Anna, 370,
41122 Modena MO,
Everybody free!
Mauro has been sentenced to 12 years
We learn from the press of the regime that the comrade Mauro Rossetti Busa has been sentenced to 12 years for setting fire to the Eni petrol station of Sant’Anna and the door of the Casapound premises next to it.
Mauro free!
Everybody free!
To write to him:
Mauro Rossetti Busa
P.zza Falcone Borsellino, 1
19125 La Spezia (SP)
La Spezia – Paska’s trial postponed
Paska’s trial, postponed at the last hearing to 31 January 2020.
We recall that Paska is accused of resistance and assault which, according to the prosecution, was committed during one of his many transfers from one prison to another and during his arrival in prison.
At the last hearing the uniformed servants who fought with our comrade followed one after the other.
At the next hearing one of those torturers is still to be heard and then we will move on to the defence witnesses.
It could be that they give the verdict next time. We are forwarding this message to everyone who wants to greet Paska that he is presently under house arrest with the obligation to not meet anyone.
So this might be a good time to remind him, but also other comrades, that no one is left alone.
Appointment at La Spezia Court, January 31 at 10am.
For Anarchy
Source: RoundRobin
28 December, 2019 from Inferno Urbano
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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