Italy : From Genoa, solidarity with Anarchist Giuseppe Bruna (Beppe)

On Thursday 17th December ROS carabinieri applied a custodial order against anarchist comrade Giuseppe Bruna, locked up in the prison of Pavia following “Operation Prometeo” when he was accused of sending explosive parcels to two Turin judges engaged in the persecution of anarchists and to the Director of Prison Administration engaged in his activities as a jailer.
In this new order he is accused of placing a device near a postamat ATM in the city of Genoa at a time when poste italiane [National Mail Service] were being attacked all over the country because of their collaboration in deporting migrants through the airline company Mistral Air.
Both operations were begun by Turin prosecutors following a request from the antiterrorism squad. It is significant that the order arrived following the release of one of those on trial for operation Prometeo, which is still ongoing, and that recourse to scientific evidence, i.e. DNA, from being a circumstantial factor in the current legislation has now become an element guaranteeing the impossibility of release before trial.

The ROS talk about “a part of the anarchist movement which for some time has taken a more violent and direct attitude against the system”. Even if this supposed reality can only make us happy, we certainly recognize their vile intent. The logic of differentiation is certainly a good formula for State apparatuses: if on the one hand it remains a simple little story to be used and consumed by a public defined 70% “functionally illiterate”, on the other it allows the criminalization of limited but determined segments. This repressive logic comes after decades of trials ending in no evidence and insubstantial accusatory schemes, after which bourgeois justice has demonstrated it has changed direction. The application and recourse to preventive fascist laws (such as special surveillance measures etc., even add to minor charges as in a recent case in La Spezia involving many comrades) and the use of heavy accusations such as “massacre” which have no realistic consequentiality. It is a practice also undertaken by the State and its Services as reminded by recent anniversaries of the Piazza Fontana massacre.
But it is well-known: the State doesn’t put itself or Capital on trial, and crushes all forms of rebellion against the imposition of its order. On a repressive level the State leaves nothing behind in its logic of revenge; as soon as it singles out its enemy (a declared one in the case of anarchists) it tries to strike it with all means necessary, with no exceptionality, as also demonstrated by recent history. So when it is useful migrants are left to die in the sea, when it is useful they are locked up in concentration camps, when it is useful dissidents are imprisoned, tortured and killed.
We want to overturn the system of domination and all its logic. We make ours all the practices of freedom that have acted, are acting and will act in the conflictuality against the State and Capital. We send our solidarity to Beppe as well as to Robert and Natasha and the comrades currently imprisoned in the State’s prisons.
Solidarietà a Beppe PDF
 Inferno Urbano
Translated by act for freedom now!

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