Brazil : Explosive Attack Against Military Police of São Paulo, by NOS – Cells of Opposition to the System

Anarchist guerrilla group Cells of Opposition to the System (NOS) claimed responsibility for the bomb in the headquarters of the 2nd Company of the 45th Battalion of the brutal Military Police of the State of São Paulo on December 18, 2019.

To everyone
We assume the authorship of the bomb in the headquarters of the 2nd Company of the 45th Battalion of the brutal Military Police of the State of São Paulo – PMESP in General Carneiro Street, the night of December 18, 2019, in the center of the city of São Paulo, near the Pateo do Collegio (the foundation site of the city), a Christmas installation of the Santander bank and a post of the also brutal Metropolitan Civil Guard – GCM that we also wanted to attack. We used a noise pump made from a small soda bottle containing 11 pointed pieces of glass to damage nearby police.
It was a reprisal for the Paraisópolis massacre, planned and coldly executed on December 12, 2019 by the PMESP and its chief João Doria, the fascist governor of São Paulo, as part of the war against the black and poor promoted by the state Brazilian. Instead of confronting armed and violent drug traffickers who pay them bribes, the PMESP murdered 9 defenseless youth at a street party under the approval of the far right. Their representatives in bourgeois politics, such as fascist deputies Captain Conte Lopes and Sergeant Fahur, provincial and federal deputies of the states of Sao Paulo and Paraná, respectively, celebrated the massacre and said there will be others. Doria promised in December 2018 that under his command the police would “kill” and make the people comply.

It was also a reprisal to the rotten Brazilian National Congress for the approval on November 12, 2019 of the “package against crime” of the fascists Bolsonaro and Moro and what should be called the “package against the people,” as it covers the “exclusive of illegality,” a license for the police to kill the poor, blacks and social and union activists in accordance with Bolsonaro’s plan to drown in a bloodbath the popular protests that will come soon and impose a dictatorship in Brazil. In 2020, it will be the beginning of the popular revolt against the disastrous Bolsonaro regime and its violent reaction to power will come.
The Brazilian police want the “exclusion of illegality,” hate the concept of human rights, which was co-opted by Bolsonaro with a recent pension reform that grants stolen rights to the majority of the Brazilian people, support their regime and want to repress the people.
We do not believe that most of them will think about it and change their attitude. So, we warn them to respect human life with the only arguments they seem to understand: strength and intimidation.
We are proud to be the world’s first collective in taking direct action in retaliation for the Paraisópolis massacre. That was just a warning. The more violent the Bolsonaro regime and its police, the worse the reprisals.
Police informants and partisans of Doria and Bolsonaro can also be attacked. Our eyes are everywhere and our arms are long enough to reach the enemy of the people. Security and police cameras are useless to stop us; we attacked a police base and we will do it again if necessary. So don’t challenge us.
We call all the honest social activists and the Brazilian people to break with the cowardly trade union and party bureaucracies of the left and their policy of capitulation and class conciliation that defends pacifism against the bourgeois state and its murderous police, impose a confrontational stance and go on the offensive with mass struggle and direct action against the system.
Bolsonaro and Doria are against dialogue and impose themselves by force. Contrary to what the reformist left says, the peaceful way is useless. Only confrontation will intimidate them and make them withdraw in their attacks against the people. It is possible and necessary to face the system and the sooner the better. TIME IS NOW!
Greetings and solidarity to the people and the anarchist comrades in struggle against the state and capital in Chile, Bolivia and Greece!
NOS – Cells of Opposition to the System

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