Cagliari, Sardinia – Police search concerning operation “Lince”  Translated by act for freedom now!
This morning, 3rd December 2020, a search ordered by prosecutor Guido Pani took place at the home of a comrade in Cagliari. Inserted in operation Lince, which includes 45 people under investigation, 5 of whom charged with 270bis, the search led to the seizure of a letter sent to the comrade by a comrade currently detained in the prison of Uta. Note that the letter had already been seized in February 2019 when it arrived at the prison and was subsequently released after review. Moreover it is strange that a search be carried out over a year after the investigation it has been included in was closed, but at this point nothing surprises us.
This is the second search carried out in Cagliari in recent weeks, a month and a half before the start of the trial for ”operation Lince”, the first hearing of which is due to take place on 27th January. These searches look like intimidations more than anything.
It will be up to us to demonstrate that this is not the case.
Kuntra sa prepotentzia de s’istadu feus kumente s’ortigu.

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