Cologne, Germany: Sabotage of over 200 ‘Lime’ scooters – December 2019

In December, « Greta and Kenny » focused on a neighbourhood of Cologne as a test and dismantled over 200 electric scooters. « Lime », the biggest supplier of electric scooters for hire had decided not to reduce its offer in the hotter cities due to meteorological conditions. From now on, targeted sabotage has significantly reduced the number of scooters in the affected neighbourhood.
By giving a heavy blow across the screen of the electronic command (with a hammer, a metal tip of the mandrel or pin type), the scooter says goodbye and can no longer be unlocked. Repairs cost hundreds of euros; the Hipster-Mobil is usually withdrawn from circulation for a few days. Of course, the supplier has replacement equipment in stock. But he prefers to avoid the indocility of regular sabotage. In this respect we are sharing experience coming from Switzerland.

With the resurgence of the ecological debate, critical voices are being heard more and more against some particularly absurd concepts of Smart City and Smart Mobility. All current studies vividly demonstrate that climate change cannot be avoided if we stick to the private transportation model. A switch to private electric transport changes nothing. On the contrary: electric mobility that emits less while driving is paid for by maximum environmental impact (and intolerable conditions of exploitation) with regard to the manufacture and disposal of energy storage. For example the fabrication of a battery for the much cited Tesla is just as damaging to the environment as eight years’ operation of a combustion engine. For the same reason, the balance sheet for the electric scooter is catastrophic. To this is added the short battery life which is only a few months and is particularly fatal from an ecological point of view. In addition, it has been proven that they in no way replace motorized traffic ; we are simply witnessing an additional consumption of resources.
In the context of a wider ecological debate (and hopefully still further in this direction), we believe it is possible to suppress the electric scooters introduced last summer and unappreciated (other than by hipsters and tourists), being an aberration of platform capitalism, particularly concerning ecology. We need to do a visible contradiction every day – for example in the form of sabotage. In addition to small-scale daily activity, climate action days or trade fairs on mobility are ideal for more widely noticeable massive actions. The « new » international motor show wants to become an exhibition space for green-washing concepts of mobility. In March, the cities where this «new» show will be held will be made known: Frankfort, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Stuttgart or Munich. Some candidates want the whole city to be the organizer of their event. All the better for our attacks against their retrograde form of « smart E-Mobility ». Blockages and more violent attacks against dozens of luxury cars at the last international motor show in Frankfort, as well as the « Ende Geländewagen » campaign launched all over the country against SUVs, have given a foretaste of what is possible.
A few other quick ways of sabotage against electric scooters:
– render the QR-Code and the 4 – 6 digit identification code of the device illegible with a small paint bomb or marker pen.
– cable ties through the front wheel of the scooter and around the handlebars prevent starting without cutting pliers.
[Translated from German from indymedia, 03.01.2020] by Sans_Attendre
Translated to English by Act for freedom now!

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