Italy: Peppe was transferred to the prison of Alessandria (January 2020)

Peppe, a comrade from Catania arrested in Verona last November, was transferred to the “S. Michele” prison in Alessandria. The charges against him are of “manufacturing, holding and transporting explosive material”, for sending, in 2016, an explosive envelope to Ladisa, the company that then managed the canteen in the CPR (lager for migrants) of Turin.
An episode already present, together with others, in the order of pre-trial detention for anarchists arrested on February 7th, 2019, in the context of the repressive operation “Scintilla”.
To write to him:
Giuseppe Sciacca
C. R. di Alessandria “S. Michele”
strada statale per Casale 50/A
15121 Alessandria
Italia – Italy
via: insuscettibilediravvedimento

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