Italy – A poster that has appeared on the walls of Lecce

Infamy is the hallmark of our times
That is not hard to see: just raise your eyes from your smartphone and look around, throwing a glance at the reality around us and which we are immersed in. Remaining indifferent to the conflicts that flare up in the world, with all their load of thousands of dead and millions of displaced people, believing that the matter does not concern us, because we live in the “non belligerent” part of the planet, for example, is a sign of infamy.
Because the ongoing war has involved the whole planet for many years, and the part not being hit by bombs is the one in which they are they manufactured, armies train to massacre or to teach other armies the same, and they train the pilots of the bombers of those wars in the airports nearby … Not to see the suffering of the millions of refugees forced to wander around the planet in search of survival, willing to risk their lives in  crossing deserts and seas, at the mercy of those who speculate on that suffering, is also a sign of infamy.

Because the conditions of this suffering have been created in the West we are living in, and the barriers that apparently far-off States – like Libya or Turkey – have erected were financed by the rulers we elected. Rejoicing when people die in the seas or deserts, or when they arrive in Europe but are expelled for not having the right documents due to their condition of poverty -, as well as when they are locked up in Italian camps called CPR, is also a sign of infamy, infamous like all the reactionary and xenophobic speeches on the lips of many of those respectable Italians, reflecting the infamous ideas of their rulers and their policies of exclusion and discrimination towards foreigners, the poor, homosexuals, women and “different” people in general.
That is why it is no wonder that a rat like the deceased Monsignor Ruppi, for two decades archbishop of Lecce and, through his worthy henchman don Cesare Lodeserto, manager of one of the most infamous concentration camps for poor foreigners in Italy, the CPT “Regina Pacis”, has been buried in Lecce Cathedral as he had asked before his late death in 2011, and his remains have just been transferred to Lecce cathedral.
The unfolding of History in an increasingly Orwellian sense would like to erase the wickedness, the violence, the abuse and the beatings carried out in “Regina Pacis” for years, and transform a villain into a saint.
We, for our part, are not prepared to forget.
But in the end his burial in the Lecce Cathedral does not even bother us. On the contrary.
It will be easier for us to spit on his grave.
Disordine Anarchist Library
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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