Athens,Greece: Attacks on new democracy office(pettralona area) by Anarchists

On friday, 17/01, during the anniversary march of terror of Shahrzad Loghman, we attacked the local office of new democracy in pettralona with molotovs and stones. However the office, mostly has been cover by metals.
clearly, it is the greek oligarchy regime as our enemy, so targeting the office of new democracy was only part of our counter attacks against the regime. SYRIZA and NEW DEMOCRACY are same as being both puppet of the greek oligarchy regime. We believe that the answer of state violence is returned the violence to the state, in any means that comrades understand it.
We are living in 2020 that cops are armed to tooth with different types of weapons, so it is not 500 years ago that probably we could coping with soldiers of state by fires and stones, so the need of modern struggles should created the new and more armed resistance groups inside the movement with modern weapons, which can returned the state violence to the state in the levels that they used against us, like the murders of Alexis.G, Zak and others.
The social revolution, will happens on the base of workers struggle, in the time that workers will stop working and making riots in the streets. However preparation of social revolution include two general types of struggles that are supplements of each other: armed struggle that should be a part of a resistance movement in the term of closed groups and other is the open struggle that has ability for everyone to join it, like collectives, demonstrations and squats, which openly represent the struggle for society.
Bosses are bosses, no matter left or right.
Power and solidarity to our wanted comrade Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis
via: athens.indymedia

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