Madrid, Spain: Santander Bank Vehicle Torched

[Madrid] The Strength of the Fact: Santander Bank Vehicle Torched
How can we not act in these times of theoretical and practical disarmament of revolutionary forces? How not to resort, once again, to the force of fact, of direct action, to remember that the struggle against everything that oppresses us will be the work of the oppressed themselves, or it will not be?
During the night of Thursday, January 9th, a vehicle from the Santander bank was set on fire in Vallekas. May the struggle continue to strike those who are guilty of our misery. Because we don’t forget the role of the Santander bank in the repression against the revolt in Chile, because we don’t forget their dirty business in prisons, because their capitalist greed is evident in every eviction, because the banks are a key part in the cogwheel of the system that subdues and exploits us, like the businessmen, like the ministers, like the mayors, like the parliamentarians, like the councilmen, like the politicians, like the judges, and in short, like the state.
Strength and solidarity to all those who are under attack from the State!
Special greetings to the comrades from Tetuan who were attacked in May and to the comrades accused of torching an ATM in Madrid on April 11th, 2018!



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