Italy – Special surveillance for 4 comrades following protests in La Spezia – Updates

Translated by act for freedom now!


On 8th January 2020 The Court of Genoa enforced special surveillance orders on 4 out of 14 anarchists who on 5th January 2019 demonstrated in La Spezia in solidarity with Paska, after the beatings inflicted on him by screws in the city’s prison. Those “under surveillance” are Amma, Ciccio (Florence), Greg and Carlo. They will be banned from seeing previous offenders and anyone with preventive or security measures, from taking part in demonstrations and meetings and from carrying weapons, and they will have to pay legal expenses.
For Amma, Ciccio and Carlo the measure also involves compulsory residence in the province (not the city) and the obligation to inform the cops about their movements. As Amma is being held under house arrest, for him the measure will be effective as soon as his detention ends.
There is the possibility of making an appeal to the court of cassation within10 days and the court will make a decision in approximately 30 days. This kind of appeal is not suspensive.
Updates to follow

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