Call for financial support – Solidarity Fund for imprisoned and persecuted revolutionaries from Greece

December 2020
Solidarity fund for imprisoned and persecuted militants is a structure from Greece, which for the past 10 years has been actively organizing the political, ethical and material support of imprisoned and persecuted revolutionaries. Due to the immense amount of money we have to collect and send each month to the imprisoned comrades in order to cover their needs inside the prisons, and thus the tough financial situation we’re facing, we decided to use the firefund platform.

“During this crucial period of time for all of us, regarding both the spreading of the virus and the repulsive mechanisms that the state manages to impose using the severity of dealing with the pandemic and the assurance of public health as an excuse, it is again extremely difficult to secure the resources to support the material needs of the ones within the walls. Perhaps it is more difficult than ever. We recognize solidarity to our imprisoned comrades as a mean of the struggle against the state’s repression and we aim at the continuance of the structure’s goals through overcoming the obstacles of the state. The slogan “no one left alone in the hands of the state” is becoming more crucial and tangible these days than ever. We urge you to defend it once again in practice. Factual solidarity will again be our weapon.”
The link of our campaign is this:

Firefund is an online crowdsourcing platform, run by activists, in order to fund radical causes. You can donate safely either by using credit card or with cryptocurrency (ether). Also if you want you can choose to contribute an amount to the team that administrates the platform.

The contribution of each and every one who wants to help our cause is essential. While we also believe that it’s rather important to forward this initiative to anyone with whom we may not have contact with. To any comrade/collective who stand with solidarity against the oppression.


Solidarity fund for imprisoned and persecuted militants from Greece
(for contact:

The Solidarity Fund supports 25 Prisoners, Anarchists prisoners, political prisoners, and social fighters on a regular monthly basis; Athanassopoulou Konstantina, Valavani Dimitra, Georgiadis Polykarpos, Yagtzoglou Konstantinos, Dimitrakis Giannis, Koufontinas Dimitris, Kostaris Iraklis, Michailidis Giannis, Xiros Savvas, Petrakakos Giorgos, Sakkas Kostas, Seisidis Marios, Stathopoulos Vangelis, Christodoulou Spyros, and the 11 militants from Turkey and Kurdistan (Harika Kızılkaya, Hazal Seçer, Sinan Oktay Özen, Sinan Çam, Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, Burak Ağarmış, Halil Demir, Hasan Kaya, Anıl Sayar, İsmail Zat, Şadi Naci Özpolat).

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