Italy : If the walls are high, solidarity overcomes them

Inferno Urbano : Translated by act for freedom now!
21st December 2020
We receive and spread:
At the end of November five people locked up in the prison of Ascoli wrote a report to the Prosecutor’s Office of Ancona. In this act, with great courage, they reported what really happened in the prisons of Modena and Ascoli concerning the beatings, the gunshots and the death of Salvatore Piscitelli following the revolts in March.
On December 10 they were transferred to the prison of Modena. The very decision for this transfer immediately looked like a strong intimidation in the eyes of those who, from March, be they prisoners’ relatives or people in solidarity unknown to one another, had never believed the narrative of “death due to overdose”. The conditions of detention in which the 5 boys were held in Modena were equally intimidating: in (sanitary) isolation, with a ban on meeting one another, in bare cells with broken windows, no possibility of buying anything or receiving money in their accounts, with no clothes of their own and when they asked for blankets these were delivered wet.
A heterogeneous network of solidarity was immediately put into action outside by relatives and those in solidarity. The solidarity moved on several fronts: legal support, greetings outside the prison walls, letters, emails putting pressure on the prison director, appeals to regional and national guarantors. 9 months after the massacre that took place in the prison of Modena various newspapers reported the events, or were forced to, given the strength of 5 prisoners’ voices and the determination of the relatives and people in solidarity supporting them.

The truth is uncomfortable to say and uphold, in many cases it was not reported as it is, or was only partially reported. One journalist was even sacked because of what they wrote. In March many newspapers and the official media reported the jailers’ version without ifs or buts: the 14 who died in the revolt of March, nine of whom in Modena or in transfer from the prison of that city, would have died of overdose according to them. Not one mentioned the beatings or the gunshots. According to the prison of Modena, the questioning of the 5 men who submitted the report was due to take place on Monday. The reality turned out to be different: the prosecutor began the questioning on Friday 18. This was followed by transfers to separate prisons. Once again the intent was to divide and isolate.
At the moment we know the destination of 4 of the 5 prisoners. After their isolation in Modena they will all undergo more isolation at their destination. One thing is clear: the strength and courage of these 5 people must be strongly supported. Solidarity in its multiple forms needs to be carried out in order to reduce the effects of this dispersion.
We are launching a strong call to write to them! Let’s not leave them alone: a letter, a card, a telegram! Let’s break the isolation and strengthen solidarity.
Here are the addresses of four of the new destinations:
Claudio Cipriani – C.C. Parma, Strada Burla 57, 43122 Parma
Ferruccio Bianco – C.C. Reggio Emilia, Via Luigi Settembrini 8, 42123 Reggio Emilia
Francesco D’Angelo – C.C. Ferrara, Via Arginone 327, 40122 Ferrara
Mattia Pelloni – C.C. Ancona Montacuto, Via Montecavallo 73, 60100 Ancona

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