Rome,Italy: It’s as good as… Christmas burning! (December 26th, 2019)

 Rome – 01.00 am on the night of December 26th
Tired of so much goodness and hypocrisy in the night between 25 and 26 December I deliberately set fire to the Christmas tree in the aqueduct park in the Torpignattara district of Rome.
I did it in order to disturb a day that masks behind its cheerful festive facade the devastation and exploitation that consumerism entails in the whole world.
I acted alone because I believe that it is an individual commitment for anyone who wants to turn their hatred for oppression into action to face and overcome their fears, constantly engaging in the attack, to make them propagate in action through practical conflict and to increase their offensive capabilities. I acted to selfishly vent my hatred for this society based on power and the systematic devastation of natural ecosystems.

I write to contribute with my words as well as my actions to the dialogue that exists within the complex anarchist galaxy; because if sometimes “actions speak for themselves” many others the intentions and ideas behind them do not emerge clearly being hidden, manipulated or misunderstood by the various organs of recovery. I write so that social war does not become self-invisible behind the rhetoric of the anonymous attack that “belongs to everyone”.
In particular, I wanted to send with this small fire a fiery message of solidarity to the Chilean and Greek anarchists. Their latest experiences teach us, if there is still the need, that where there is struggle, where there is revolt, there will always be repression by power, and that one must be ready to face it and have courage to bring the clash to its extreme consequences.
Against the redevelopment and gentrification of neighborhoods, against good citizens and their anti-degradation activism that from a privileged position sets in motion processes aimed at marginalizing even more those who are in a disadvantaged condition. We bring conflict and degradation to the streets that would like to be pacified and subject to the logic of security and profit.
In solidarity with the prisoners of Scripta Manent and Panico operations. Come on comrades, the war continues!
For Manu and Juan, for Peppe in isolation, for Davide accused of 270bis [subversive association with the purpose of terrorism or subversion of the democratic order], for Stecco recently transferred, for Beppe, Nat, Madda, Leo, and Mauro.
To the four comrades affected by the special surveillance. That solidarity be broad and offensive!
To the prisoners in Greek, Russian, Chilean, German and French prisons, to Lisa imprisoned in Spain, to all those who find themselves locked up, wherever they are.
To those who continue to sabotage the peace of the State and the capital!
Against capitalism and its consumerist festivities.
For the end of all human, animal and earth exploitation.
For total liberation!
For a black 2020 for the smoke of fires and wild nights!
The torch is still lit, long live anarchy!
unx elfx dispettosx [“a spiteful elf”]

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