Italy –  An unexpected noisy demo went through the city streets of Saronno on December 19th 2020

Inferno Urbano, Translated by act for freedom now!
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An unexpected noisy demo went through the city streets of Saronno on December 19th.

Helpless in relation to health
Lombardy has been hit to a maximum after decades of cuts to the public health service in favour of the private one. The whole national health system, above all that of Lombardy, considered its flagship, has collapsed due to lack of staff and instruments. It was a damaging move to centralize the health service and dismantle local services. We know something about it in Saronno too: for years the town hospital has been run by the hospital of Busto, which it belongs to, and its future remains uncertain.
Helpless in relation to safety
For years they’ve been bombarding us with the lie of safety, all smoke and mirrors.  Meantime they have increased the number of police, even during the present pandemic when funds were needed for quite other things. In this climate of growing social tension the State committed an unprecedented massacre: last March fourteen prisoners were killed in the jail of Modena. For months the media and also the Police have been talking about a collective overdose. Bullshit! Fourteen prisoners were murdered, we don’t need any official truth, you’d have to be blind not to see it.

Helpless in relation to our perception of the world
Forced to stay at home due to the pandemic we realized that we have no community to relate to, that we are more automatized than ever, each in their bubble of non-communicability, be it virtual (social network) or not. Delegating parts of our lives to the State always brings disaster, taking them back piece by piece is the least we can desire. In this optic it is urgent not to allow the State to lock us up with government decrees: if we can work, if we can consume, then we can also protest, strike, organize; while protecting ourselves, of course.
Helpless in relation to work
Right when the pandemic was spreading out of control, workers in the logistics sector and deliveries suffered increased exploitation: delirious Lombard ordinances saying delivery workers on bicycles can’t get on trains, an unsustainable work pace, blackmail against workers who go on strike, and much more. Nothing new under the sun, some might say. Boycotting the chains of exploitation is a first step but it is not enough; supporting every one of these workers’ struggles is the least we can do.
Helpless in relation to education
The first to close down last February and the last to re-open, students have become the scapegoats in political disputes again. It is not a question of discussing whether to open up or shut down: what needs to be seen is the world of education as a whole, a world increasingly devoid of funds where buildings are derelict and personnel are lacking or unqualified. The ease with which the whole of the education sector gave millions of personal data to the big multinationals (Google Meet, Classroom, Teams) shows the long-term direction it seems to have taken.
Tired of being simple spectators of the catastrophe they have prepared for us, let’s break out of our isolation, convinced that solidarity and conflict are the cards we need to play, now more than ever. Let’ put an end to being helpless and upset the normality so desired by those in power, let’s try to imagine another world, where freedom is its pole star.

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