France, AMBARÈS-ET-LAGRAVE (GIRONDE) : Christmas presentS from Amazon ARE late

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Hundreds of parcels blocked at the warehouse after the arson of 27 delivery vehicles in Gironde

The Warning group, home delivery specialist for major French brands, lost much of its fleet of vans last night. Criminals opened them with a grinder and set fire to them before making their escape. The carrier, which provides 7-day deliveries for Amazon, has already ordered new vehicles.
Every van of the Warning company currently provides an average of 120 deliveries each day. 27 carbonized vehicles, more than 3,200 parcels may not reach their recipient on Thursday for Christmas Eve.

« We called on fellow service providers to ensure a maximum of deliveries and our client, the Amazon group, that these vehicles were dedicated for, was also able to turn to other carriers. »
Quentin Bonnac, general manager of the Warning group, specifies however.
Last night at around 2am firefighters were called for this fire in the car park rented by the company in Ambarès-et-Lagrave, near Bordeaux.

« The perpetrators entered the vehicles by opening them using disk cutters then set fire to them. Their intention was probably to find goods awaiting delivery » the carrier suggests, adding « no theft could be committed, as the vehicles are systematically emptied every evening and loaded at the start of each round. »

The struggle against the flames went on for nearly two hours with around 30 firefighters mobilized to prevent spreading to heavy trucks parked nearby. The carrier, which ensures deliveries 7 days a week for Amazon, has already ordered new vehicles. While waiting to receive them the drivers went to another company site in Nantes to pick up available vans in order to resume their rounds on Saturday.

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