>International Revolutionary Front- Deviant Behaviors for the Spread of Revolutionary Terrorism Cell of Reflective Attack -We take responsibility for the arsons of: • Mc Donald's in Athens • Zografou town hall • Kaisariani town hall The attempted arson at Marks & Spenser stores and Fred Perry in a street full of stores at Kifissia(athens greece)



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“And the door of prison shakes behind you. You are now there, came out alive from your arrest, you are angry that you were not more careful, you worry if they arrest others, you try to understand what they know, if a lawyer is advised and of course careful to hide what you think. The gun, the counterfeit papers, your clothes, all their own, the light blue form of prison that they trowed in your face and the shoes are very big for you-to make fun of you or because they actually believe that “terrorists” are huge-your face has changed. You look around you and observe carefully the vital area of your next years” 
(Klaus Viehmann )
When a comrade is captured, war, reflective attacks, attack to the capitalist society. When a comrade dies, war, revenge, they will pay with any way, everybody must be in position to understand the cost of the death. For every comrade that is prosecuted by the state, war, solidarity to the political choices that led him to this condition, raising of the revolutionary action and continuation of the revolutionary/anarchic fight. The intensity of the revolutionary war has now reached a very high and unprecedented level. The arrests of comrades succeed one more arrests, the revolutionary forces standing up toward the enemy. The last months, after the international call of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire for action in regard to the court of her members, anarchists, revolutionaries and other defendants it began a barrage of international revolutionary-aggressive actions in solidarity in the light of an International Revolutionary Front. The internationalization of the resistance is a constant challenge for us and we consider it essential for the reinforcement of the revolutionary war. Based on this concept we have burned a company of production of military material that collaborated with the Chilean government to express our solidarity and as one more effort to to contribute to this international direction..
Now that in a first phase the bet of globalization for the court of a revolutionary organization should have been gained we must place in the field of the revolutionary dialectic the prospect of the overall internationalization of the Revolutionary Action not only for courts or political circumstances. Let’s organize our forces and attack the states in a global level. The effort of setting up a global anarchist revolutionary force is now an actual fact. The exchange of experiences, criticism, the calls, greetings, the analyzes of policy considerations with rebels comrades from all over the world is now a possibility that we must not waste.
The conscience, the consequence, the constitution, the individuality are the most important weapons that each anarchist who have self-respect and aims at the destruction of the state and the capitalistic society should permanently evolve . As anarchists we must know that our revolutionary choices do not retreat in front of imprisonment or even our death. All these are situations that we must have in mind and constantly thinking them so that we do not stay speechless in a bad situation. We believe that in the war that is conducted in many levels we can not and we must not try to win only in the military field. That is to say that our fight is mainly political. Therefore in case of an imprisonment we believe that we must not hide anything from our political opinion and ideas. That is why we consider an unrespectable attitude as a political defeat.
Additionally, as a matter of fact if you do not support totally your political ideas and actions in order to reduce your punishment you automatically reduce the choices and the tension of your fight from inside the walls. “Certainly there are plots and cases that criminalize relationships between individuals, but that is not to say that our role as rebels is to focus there and propose nothing. Rebels are not lawyers in order to restrict their beliefs in legal arbitrariness by cops and judges. Then, that is their role “ G. Tsakalos In relation to this issue it is very important to assess the consequence of words and actions of prisoners of war. An assessment that is proved into practice through revolutionary solidarity. We also stand next to our comrades that are imprisoned in the jail of Aulona for the case of Nadir. Both of them have taken place of counter-attack behind the walls expressing their political beliefs, while they participate with the other Thessalonian comrades in the abstention of soupe in solidarity to the companions that are judged for Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. We want to declare that independent from the affair for which an anarchist-rebel is accused (e.g for an arson or for a riot or for armed struggle) his attitude inside the walls must not be determined by the means that he used and for which he was jailed but from his political perception and theory which is not shaped neither is influenced from legalistic mentality but also does not rate the means of the fight. And we are saying that because the comrades even if arrested for an “inferior” affair (legally and only) than others they signed with comrades who have more severe categories, while it could be possible for many to think that they should not say anything, because in any case they will be released soon (something that is also doubtful). “We do not ask for something small
. What we are looking for is the war itself and within it the hand that will catch our own, after a victory, but especially after a defeat which was never accompanied by retreat. The hand that will target without hesitation, whatever and whoever was targeting and our hand. Straight and between the eyes. Because the fight never finishes, but only explodes.” On Thursday January 13 our comrades Dimitri Fessas, Babis Tsilianidis Dimitris Dimtsiadis and Sokrates Tzifkas are arrested by the counter-terrorism police who were fugitive from justice after the arrest of rebel John Skouloudis. The comrades were not apologized, saying that they are anarchistsrebels and they did not recognize the process. They did not even take lawyers proving their int
olerance toward to the juridical system and his laws as well as in the “freedoms” that this provides(legal defense). For this affair was also arrested the anarchist Fee Mayer. We believe that the anarchists’s public actions in relation to the case for the arrests of the four comrades from Thessaloniki is unacceptable. The fact that there were public calls for the “unfair” arrest of Fee Mayer, the criminalization of her friendly fellow-relations, the way that media handled her case and many other things more aimed at the disorientation of the affair. We believe that it is hypocritical when four comrades have not even their own lawyer and have said to the investigators that they do not apologize as they are anarchic rebels. It is proved once again that eventually the “innocent” deserve more “innocent ¨ legalistic solidarity. Once again the solidarity takes the Christian form of sympathy. After the arrest of the anarchist and member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Michalis Nikolopoulos we immediately decided as a minimum response some reflective hits. So, from Thursday to Saturday we had an incendiary barrage aimed to answer the minimum to the arrest of our comrade. Obviously we know that these actions were reflective and that compared with the hit of a capture is minimal so we promise more powerful hits. 
 We take responsibility for the arsons of: • Mc Donald’s in Athens
• Zografou town hall 
• Kaisariani town hall
The attempted arson at Marks & Spenser stores 
and Fred Perry in a street full of stores at Kifissia.
Unfortunately for us, somebody alerted to the existence of three incendiary packages, and were disabled by the cops.
PS 1. We welcome all calls of rebel teams that call into action and we recall on a new round of ruthless warfare.
PS 2. Good strength and courage to comrades whose trial is conducted in Koridallos prison when they give their own fight against the judicial authorities. Hold on comrades, nothing is left unanswered.
PS 3. On Monday morning comrade Rami Syrianos arrested for an armed robbery and was detained. Good strength in your struggle comrade.

International Revolutionary Front- Deviant Behaviors for the Spread of Revolutionary Terrorism Cell of Reflective Attack 

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