Germany, Berlin: Vengeance for Maria – 24 January 2020


Execution at Friedrichshain

Friday morning (24 January 2020), a squad of 4 police slaughtered Maria in her flat. In the press it says she was threatening. She was alone in her room and the four police broke down her door. Shortly after she took a bullet that was fatal. Maria suffered from multiple sclerosis and weighed about 45 kilos.

It was Maria’s sub-tenant in the flat at number 46 Grünberger Street who called the police. The neighbours confirmed that Maria suffered from psychological problems and that she sometimes cracked. But she was never seen as a dangerous person and matters could always be settled within the building. Calling the police was a big mistake.
Maria was from the neighbourhood around the Boxhagner Platz, mostly on her bike and with her black dog. The antifa flags in her apartment, under which she died, suggest that she was also politically active. Many knew her by sight and the news of her death was received as a shock at Boxi (the neighbourhood square).

Like everyone, she had her ups and downs. No one believes she had to be shot dead at the time by a shock commando in self-defence, because a tap on the shoulder would have knocked her down. It must be said clearly: “It was an execution, no doubt about it.”
At the local bakery we see on display the “scoop” of the Berliner Zeitung from Saturday, on which we see her photo and “The woman with a knife” in large letters talking about Maria. Staff say that police here are getting out of control. “The police do what they want and are never punished.”
This Saturday, there is still no reaction in the neighbourhood, apart from some flowers and candles in front of the door of the building in Grünberger strasse. A small piece of paper expressing the horror caused by this bloody act is hung in the stairwell by neighbours. Rage and sadness dominate in the people we have met today.
On Saturday evening, a spontaneous demonstration of around 100 people walked from the Frankfurteer Tor to Maria’s flat. At the end of demonstration, barricades with site equipment were erected to block the road. Then later in the night, “Police Murderers” tags appeared in the neighbourhood.  The authorities, with the complicity of the media, repeat the police lies, which claim that shortly before her death Maria approached the shooter with a knife in her hand.


Translated by Act for freedom now!

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