Athens, Greece: Responsibility claim: Festive stroll in Kolonaki area by Anarchist Action Cell

In the night of December 16th 2019, we decided to offer moments of normality to the bloodthirsty peace-loving people who are constantly looking for it. We chose one of the rich neighbourhoods of Athens, Kolonaki, the point of reference for the corrupt bourgeoisie.
Specifically the area inhabited by the elite of the ruling class. Bank executives, politicians, businessmen, diplomats, military and other rats saw their parked cars burn, the streets of their safe quiet neighbourhood turned into a battlefield. In this way, we wanted to bring to their responsibilities those who keep their distance from its events but at the same time are responsible for the social-class war. We assure them that fear will now also become part of their own life in a way that they cannot even imagine.

The battlefield is not a remote place but the city itself where the rebels move comfortably in-between the bosses and their subordinates. So let them know that they will nowhere be safe as we flow through its veins, naturally like blood inside the human body, spreading the virus of disobedience and freedom.
We come out of the city’s darkness
everything we touch is set on fire,
what we leave becomes ashes.

We are the upcoming insurrection

Anarchist Action Cell
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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