Italy: Update from Leo (February 2020)

From the first interview with Leonardo Landi (Leo) in Vibo Valentia prison
After the transfer from Lucca to Vibo Valentia, censorship of the correspondence was applied to Leo: the reasons for this measure, as well as those of the unexpected transfer, are not yet known, but in fact no letter, telegram or book fold that had been sent to Leo has yet been delivered (as of yesterday).
Deporting prisoners to prisons far away from the places where they live, where their affections reside or where the contexts of life and struggle with which they are in relation, as well as hindering correspondence are weapons that the prison authority has always used to isolate and punish. Let us break their weapons with solidarity!
Leo also lets us know that he wants to attend the next hearing of the trial for the clashes at the Brenner pass in May 2016 [“Destroy the borders” demonstration], which will be held in Bolzano on February 7th, 2020, behind closed doors for the “public” as provided for in the “abbreviated rite” procedure. We do not know if Leo will be able to attend the hearing in person or if videoconferencing will be arranged for him: in any case, for the co-defendants, who can enter the courtroom, it could be an opportunity to greet him and convey the affection of all of us in solidarity!
Alongside all the deported prisoners! Against all the prisons!
Anti-repression Fund of the Western Alps [“Cassa Anti-Repressione delle Alpi occidentali”]

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