Athens Piraeus, Greece: Information on unofficial application of exclusion regime for the anarchist comrade Giannis Michailidis

Today, 12. 2. 20 an appeals court hearing of 8 anarchist comrades (G.Michailidis, A.Dalios, D.Politis, B.Tsilianidis,  G. Sarafoudis, G.Naxakis, G.Karagiannidis and F. Harisis ) went ahead in the courts of Piraeus for the case of a conflict with prison screw Mylonas in December 2013.
Apart from comrade Giannis Michailides who was recently arrested in Agia Paraskevi, area in Athens the rest are free. So various events involving Giannis’s transfer and custody process during the court led us to talk about the unofficial application of an exclusion regime. Let’s get things right from the beginning.
The comrade is a hostage prisoner in the Malandrinos prisons. The usual procedure for detainees held in a prison far away from the court is for them to be transferred to the prison nearest to the court and, when the trial is over, to take them back to that prison over the following days. In this case, Giannis M.was taken to the Transit wing (metagvgvn Petrou Ralli in Athens) where he arrived 20.00 at night 11.2.20 and was held there during the night.
He was not taken to the court until 11am, next morning 12.2.20 due to the secretaries’ absence. The lawyer asked that the trial be suspended so that he could consult with him, this was rejected by the court. He then asked for the case to be held for half an hour so that he could have a simple communication with him, a request which was also rejected. Finally, the court did not even accept the request for the cops to move back so that the trial would be as “normal” as possible.
Throughout the proceedings Giannis Mixailidis was surrounded by 6 hooded cops of the special Transfer Task Force who did not allow the other defendants to approach the dock before the trial began. They even removed the positions for the remaining defendants away from him and put them behind so that none of the other comrades could sit next to him. At all the breaks in the trial (even for 5 minutes), he was escorted by the EOM (special cops forces) to the holding jail despite protests that the court declined to accept, and generally their presence was suffocating throughout the trial. At the end of the trial, Giannis was led straight back to the prison in Maladrino.
This briefing aims to inform about the unofficial application of an exclusion regime aimed at an anarchist and declared enemy of the system, but also to warn that we will not remain silent in the face of these practices which are obviously orchestrated by the “anti” terrorist service and its political superiors. An exclusion regime added to the wave of repression in recent months.  Prison transfers with the competence of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, the ongoing investigations inside the cells by special police squads, the announcement of the creation of disciplinary prison (type C), the tightening of the Criminal Code, the intention of a bill tightening the conditions of serving punishment etc.
Initiative by comrades
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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