Tomorrow,  Saturday, February 15th, we will have a great chance to attend Kyla’s presentation/projection in an informative event for self-educating ourselves on the dramatic situation along the Mexico/US border, where she lives and acts in the last few years. This will be followed by an informal discussion during which we will listen to her experiences and ask questions.

Kyla: “No More Deaths is a grassroots, horizontally-organized humanitarian aid project in a deadly migration corridor on the US/Mexico border. We maintain a year-round wilderness medical clinic; walk migrant paths to leave aid supplies and offer medical care and support to people in distress; run a missing migrant hotline and perform search and rescues, and run a free legal clinic in Tucson, Arizona, among other activities. Kyla is a long-term volunteer with NMD visiting Athens who will explain how No More Deaths operates in the southern US desert to support migrants on their journey, share experiences of recent government repression of this work, and listen to others discuss your experiences with migrant solidarity/no borders work and how we can learn from and support each other.”

We will exchange some experiences we have had with ex detained refugee/migrant women to break through the barriers the capitalist patriarchal system sets up, violating all human rights, isolating, abusing and making them invisible…

Solidarity and self-organization are our weapons

For our common fight against the wars of the rich who build up Borders,

Aliens’ detention centers and closed camps

Where they exterminate vulnerable groups of people

The Passion for freedom is stronger than all kinds of cells and prisons

Initiative: The House of Women for Empowerment & Emancipation



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