Saronno, Italy – Leaflets distributed and read out during a demo against special surveillance

Let’s take back the streets
Let’s continue to struggle
After 5 years the Police in Varese are retrying to re-inflict Special Surveillance on a comrade from Saronno. This is a measure that involves night curfew, suspension of one’s driving licence and passport, prohibition to reside or compulsory residence in a given municipality, prohibition to meet people with previous convictions or subjected to preventive measures themselves, prohibition against taking part in meetings or public events.
The measure is even inflicted starting from mere indications concerning lifestyle, there is no need for charges or evidence. On these grounds they assess an individual’s level of social dangerousness.
Special Surveillance is therefore a sentence without a crime, a condemnation without trial. Lifestyle, habits and convictions are targeted. It is not possible to self-determine ourselves by choosing the life we prefer, the message is strong and clear: the road has been well paved for all of us, if we choose to digress from the path, we are out of the game.
Similar measures have recently been inflicted on other people in Italy for the same reasons: for having struggled stubbornly against the injustices that the world creates.
At a time when repression is becoming increasingly asphyxiating, it is not only anarchists who are targeted, but anyone who struggles, anyone who questions the economic and social order that chains us. It happens in workplaces, where with the recent Security Laws ordinary forms of struggle such as blocks have been criminalized; it happens in schools, where to attempt self-determination against the school-work formula  means dealing with suspensions and disciplinary measures; it happens in our cities, where with the eternal excuse of decorum the war on the poor is exacerbated with liberticidal and class orders; it happens with the exponential spreading of surveillance cameras. Against all this the only chance we have is to create real relationships and struggle together.

In fact special surveillance is only one of the instruments that those who repress us put in place against anyone who dares raise their head.
The Security Laws of recent years, signed by the PD and the League, aim at annihilating all forms of dissent, self-organization and struggle, be it at the workplace or in the streets, for a roof over one’s head or for better living conditions.
Today we are in the streets to affirm that we are all equally responsible for the paths we have taken. We are implementing active solidarity with all the people who find themselves in the clutches of repression every day.
Provincial meeting against repression
In an increasingly heavier repressive atmosphere, culminating in recent months with “Security” and “Security-bis” Laws, they are trying to eliminate the possibility of simple protests. The repressive system is aiming high with its criminal charges, taking disproportionate measures and fabricating airy-fairy theories, so as to strike at random those who don’t want to surrender to this reality. There are custodial sentences for those who light a firecracker or wear a hat and a scarf, fines of thousands of euros per person for traffic blocks, as recently happened to workers in Prato (4,000 euros per person). Special surveillance, house arrest, local ASBOs, expulsion orders, all instruments disproportionate to the charges, now used also for futile reasons.
These measures are preventive because they are aimed at nipping in the bud any mode of struggle that goes beyond a merely “communicative” presence in the streets, therefore harmless, inoffensive, systematically deprived of relevant, immediate and concrete results, unlike the recent examples from all over the world, from France to Ecuador and Hong Kong, where people decided to attack power head-on, risking their own safety.
In fact, at a time when objects seem to count more than people, in the dominant narrative even  traditional non-violent methods of struggle intended to put instruments of destruction out of use, be they military masts, generators or any other machine responsible for environmental disaster, or concrete walls for the creation of borders and the locking up of people are being stigmatised. Charges rain down even just for having been, along with dozens of others, in places where events considered criminal occurred; one is accused of terrorism because of mere damage to an object. And so, amidst the general indifference we are living in, from those who get passionate about political debate blaming this or that party or those who prefer to have a go at foreigners, from those who think they are doing their bit by writing in the social media and those who have decided that nothing concerns them except their own, we are drifting into the military State, which wages wars inside and outside its borders. People are imprisoned on spurious charges, awaiting trial. Structured, quibbling and fancy theories are being created in the search for improbable leaders, since a hierarchical system can’t conceive of a horizontal one.
And in so doing, they are watering the seeds of their defeat.
“Collettivo Cani Sciolti-Legnano” [Unleashed Dogs Collective-Legano ]
Source: RoundRobin
Translated by Act forfreedom now!

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