Greece : Revenge of the state against Dimitris Koufodinas

Inferno Urbano Translated by act for freedom now!
Actforfree, notes: Dimitri Koufodinas, a member of 17th November is starting a hunger strike on 8/1/21 hes text here  in Greek:
EN: Statement on the launch of a hunger strike by Dimitris Koufontinas
24th December 2020
We receive and spread:
Besides increasing the minimum time to be served behind bars for eligibility for leave permits, the new prison reform approved by parliament a few days ago also imposed limitation of access to rural prisons (jails where prisoners serving long sentences have a less restrictive regime and where 1 day is counted as 3 days served) now completely forbidden to those sentenced for terrorism. This is an ad hoc measure to pursue state revenge against Dimitri Koufodinas, a member of 17th November who has been held in jail since 2002 and never repented or apologised. The day after it [prison reform] became law Koufodinas was transferred from the rural prison of Kassavetia where he was being held, to the high security prison of Domokos. During the transfer he was also prevented from taking all his personal belongings with him.
Here follows the letter written by the comrade in the heat of the moment:
“Therefore I don’t need to shout in order to be believed” (G. Ritsos) …
Everybody can see how the “State of rights” has become the “right of the State” and an instrument of revenge in the hands of the gang that govern the country politically and economically as its own private enterprise. Simple, pure, primitive revenge, mafia-style settling of scores.

Revenge against those who refuse to sign a declaration of repentance. Revenge against the prisoners of 17th November who are seeing their conditions of detention worsening, revenge against an elderly man and a person with disabilities, shamelessly consigned to the pandemic. Revenge against all the prisoners who are being stacked like rubbish in miserable jails during the pandemic and cut off from their families in order to satisfy the right-wing public, refusing to do what should have obviously been done months ago: the necessary decongestion so as not to put the lives of prisoners and staff in danger.
And as for myself, no surprise. An economic-governmental enterprise which is shamelessly using the pandemic to restructure economic and social relations in a reactionary way, which is ruthlessly plundering a country already put on its knees by the great Lumpenbourgeoisie, which is breaking its own laws and does not hesitate to abolish procurators – and soon judges – because it doesn’t like them, has no need to pursue political adversaries. But this obsessive persecution, even when it goes beyond the boundaries of politics, touching on other sciences, is always an honour and source of pride for a political prisoner.
Dimitris Koufontinas
23rd December 2020

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