Ferrara, Italy: Green capitalism and sustainability… of dominion (18/02/2020)

[A pamphlet has been produced on the occasion of this initiative that can be downloaded here: LINK].

Green capitalism and sustainability… of dominion

In the Aveyron region, in the south of France, the French energy multinational RTE is trying with all means to grab a seven hectares lot of farmland on which to install an enormous transformer and about a thousand industrial wind turbines. Some of the inhabitants of the region decide to occupy this land and oppose the destructive project: the Amassada is born, essential place of struggle, encounter and resistance.

In the face of the disastrous environmental situation of the planet caused by logic of unconditional land exploitation, renewable energy and the “green” economy are being passed off as the solution to the problem. However, this solution does not question the energy system as a whole, the levels of consumerism in continual growth and industrial-commercial mechanisms, but is really aimed at the unaltered maintaining of energy productivity and the intrinsic dynamics of dominion.
Struggles such as that of the Amassada are examples of the refusal of the “sustainable” illusion: by deconstructing the myths of renewal energy, we can finally lay the foundations for the deployment of practises and struggles that overturn capitalist society and its business solutions at the roots.

Tuesday 18 January 2020 at c.p.s. La Resistenza, via della Resistenza 34, Ferrara.

20.00 social dinner
20.30 meeting with some comrades coming from the experience of the Amassada.

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Translated by Act for freedom now!

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