Italy – Greetings to the prisoners of Teramo

Translated by act for freedom now! via: f(r)eccia
This horrible year has been even worse inside prisons, with contagion spreading in the jails, revolts put down in blood with several prisoners murdered, then the State’s revenge with court proceedings and punitive transfers for those who’d raised their heads.
Solidarity from “outside”, even with greetings or other small things, is always welcomed by those locked up, it is a sign that they are not alone, especially at a time like this.
So, as has already happened during this pandemic, also on one of the festive days (even worse days if you are locked up) we are back outside the walls of the prison of Teramo, a prison at “saturation point”, the media say, because of the anti-covid regulations.  Those arrested now are being diverted directly to other jails, even outside the region, and news came a few days ago that the latest covid hotspot was reported to be inside the prison of Lanciano.

We go in front of the cells of the prison.
As soon as the first bangers go off, many come to the cell windows, as though they already knew…
Then the flares and smoke bombs and fireworks start…
From inside come shouts of thanks, cries of freedom and reciprocal encouragement not to give up the fight.
It’s pouring outside but in spite of that and all the restrictions, we manage to greet the prisoners a little at this really horrible time for everybody…
Even more so for those forced to live restricted behind walls and bars.

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