Berlin, Germany – Christmas visit to the federal office of the Criminal Police

French:  Italian: Inferno Urbano , Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!
The German security apparatus, in particular BKA [Bundeskriminalamt, federal office of the Criminal Police, one of which is located in Berlin], has been very active this year in the repression against anarchist and antifascist milieus. Their “commitment” has not been forgotten, so on 22nd December, just after midnight, we paid a Christmas visit to the Counter-terrorism Centre of the Ministry of the Interior in the Seehofer area with burnt skips and bottles of bitumen.
BKA, the Federal Office for the protection of the Constitution and the Federal Police are responsible for the war on refugees, their expulsion and for collaborating with State forces such as the NSU (Nationalsozialisticher Untergrund: a clandestine nazi group, among other things responsible for the death of nine immigrants between 2000 and 2006, repeatedly “covered up” by the German police and secret services). The lines of communication of the LKA [Landeskriminalamt, the judicial police of the State] also converge in Berlin, which is developing a practice of conspiracy methods thanks to the “Law on security and general order”, and in recent years has also seen a remarkable number of fascists engaged in its ranks.

The BKA is currently expanding its Berlin-Treptow office. The former Vattenfall building in Schlesischer Busch is already being restructured and will soon be added to the huge area between Bouchéstrasse and Elsenstrasse, making room for even more spies, interrogation specialists, informer handlers, computer experts, who turn to the population to track and fight “harmful elements” as rapidly as possible.
In this era of fascistization, with the rise of a dangerous mixture of growing conspiracy theories and organized nazi structures, the erosion of fundamental rights, extreme surveillance and highly equipped police organized on an international level along with other “security” agencies, being part of the “harmful elements” is frankly the right choice to make.
Over the past year many people have failed to face their responsibilities and have sadly placed themselves in the protective hands of the State. This is an aberration which, in its naivety and lack of analytical finesse, inevitably leads to the impasse of authority and loss of autonomy. The crisis is already everywhere, and while elsewhere the revolt is advancing, here many of those who once put the struggle for social justice on their banners, remain immobile. The leaders are well aware of this situation and are using the health crisis as a testing ground for their manoeuvres of counter-insurgency and control of the population.
Recognizing this and having a presence in the streets that takes a distance from the right-wing crowd as well as the statist left: that is the challenge for this year.
Warm greetings to all those being held prisoner in the cold cells of detention centres and prisons, and to the hearts of those who have fallen under the blows of violence, isolation and repression, that risk cooling. We’ll find the way to not be stopped and to face the situation.
Freedom for Lina, Dy and Jo!
Strength to those on trial for criminal association in Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Hamburg and to the many defendants in the “Rondenbarg” trial following the G20 [2017]!
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