Zurich, Switzerland – Paint against the LafargeHolcim company

Source: barrikade.info via:frecciaspezzata.Translated by act for freedom now!


In the night of 23rd December we marked the premises of the cement company LafargeHolcim in Zurich-Oerlikon with paint to draw attention to the global crimes against people and the environment and to express solidarity with the struggles for climate justice from Zurich (Eclépens) to Rojava.
We are living in a climate crisis – here and now. The very existence of more and more people all over the world is being being threatened by capitalism through exploitation, poverty, patriarchal and racist violence, wars and disasters caused by man. Let’s start to organize together so as to cease being exposed to this apparent lack of perspective.
In 2018 students went on strike for the climate for the first time and launched the rapidly spreading movement Strike for climate/Friday for the future, realizing that we can no longer see the climate crisis as something abstract in the future, but that it is already a reality today. We think it is important to stay active, even in these Corona times. Because the pandemic doesn’t mean a pause for the exploitation and destruction of the environment but is intensifying the multiple crises of capitalism, so the struggle for living together in solidarity and in respect for nature is still urgently necessary.
Last October, activists occupied the hill of Mormont in the 1312 Eclépens VD and declared a ZAD (zone à défendre – zone to be defended) of the Hill to oppose the extension of a concrete quarry planned by LafargeHolcim, which has already destroyed half of this hill rich in biodiversity. This quarry is the sixth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Switzerland. In order to produce concrete, limestone needs to be burnt at 1,450 degrees Celsius, and such high temperatures can be only achieved by using fossil fuels and burning waste as an additive. On the other hand, sand needs to be added to concrete for building, and a shortage of suitable sand is already becoming evident all over the world.
When LafargeHolcim talk about sustainable construction, it is nothing more than cynical greenwashing, because concrete construction can never be ecological. The fact that the Swiss multinational is literally walking on dead bodies for its profits is demonstrated by its practically endless list of crimes: the eviction of peasants in Eclépens and other areas, the poisoning of people in Nigeria, hundreds of fatal accidents of its workers and the list goes on and on.

In Syria, LafargeHolcim paid millions of dollars’ protection money to the Islamic State so as to keep its business going without problems, thus financing terror, torture, murder, violence against women, etc. However, it is precisely in north-east Syria, better known as Rojava, that people are showing that there are alternatives to this exploitation and oppression. Following the principles of radical democracy, women’s liberation and ecology, they have being building a self-determined life since 2012.
It is not surprising that the corporations and States oppose social and ecological revolts in order to remain in power. Turkey and the regional Kurdish government of the Barzani clan, along with their imperialist allies, are threatening to crush the self-government of the region of Sengal near Rojava. LafargeHolcim is threatening to evict the occupants of the ZAD. But our utopia can’t be crushed: if we organize and struggle, a good, free and ecological life is possible. Let’s make our solidarity real! Let’s take to the streets for Rojava and Sengal!
Berxwedan jiyan e! Resistance is life – life is resistance!
Let’s create a revolutionary climate!
 “Freedom for Leyla Güven” group!

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