Italy – Peppe [Giuseppe Sciacca]’s communique from prison

This communique was written by Peppe a few days before his transfer to Alessandria. He has no censorship on letters but it seems that his mail, especially outgoing letters, is being considerably filtered and delayed…

2 words from Peppe from the prison of Montorio
Hi everybody, I want to tell you I’m well in spite of everything!!!
I’m no longer in solitary, but since 26/12/19 I’ve been locked up in a ghost unit, buried alive… I’m the only one in the cells, the unit is composed of 8 cells all empty, broken and without hot water or heating!!! No shower, sometimes the light is left on all night, no tv, the harassment of some zealous screw, like slamming the gate while I’m asleep, not allowing a prisoner being transferred to give me his bread and other mean petty acts which added together form real physical and psychological torture.
But I’m still here, locked up and shouting and demanding my rights!!!
From the first day in solitary, as soon as I arrived in Montorio, in the punishment unit 2 Block 2 and with a camera pointing at me above my cell, I haven’t been doing nothing, been demanding what I was entitled to. By ignoring my requests they certainly didn’t make me docile and calm… I know very well what they inflict on us comrades and I was able to see it in my previous detentions (not to mention the police persecution before the preparation of a frame-up!!!).
But an individual must not let them crush or demoralize them, and above all must not let themselves be put down in regard to their way of living their anarchist tension. I’m convinced that the only way to face one’s imprisonment is to continue the long hard path of revolt against all forms of power and authority!!! constantly venturing among the flames of the present with all the means at one’s disposal.
And so since 28/11/19 shouts of anger and freedom have been rising, and in the space of 3 days they also influenced unit 2 block 1 and so with the big sheep in charge, the Imam, we get along and we agree that after the meal and his fucking prayer, shouts would rise up; the unit was silent and then it exploded in a loud beating of the bars!!!

This all began because I’ve been without money for almost 4 weeks since I arrived (vile money, but when it’s needed it’s needed…) and it was not because of those who support me from outside. Still today no phone calls to my dear ones or my lawyer… but on 4th January they granted me visits and on 7th I was able to get my first parcel with clothing and basic needs. During the visit Emi could see the state I was in!!!
And so I decided to cause more trouble, more disturbance. They try to neutralize a person’s individuality, and believe me dear comrades, with me it will be all be uphill for them!!! Prison is not integration in society (the same one we want to destroy, among other things) but it’s only a form of brutal repression at the service of a murderous and terrorist State!!! So much misery winds throughout the prison, including guards’ disgusting provocative attitudes (not only towards us comrades, but also towards anyone who doesn’t submit to their will), as they try to bring us to exhaustion and make us lose our patience. With solitary confinement they try to weaken us and drive us mad, then they deliver us a little sweet, that bitter sweet that never goes down!!!
As I was saying, I tried to get myself transferred from Montorio in every way: with screaming, slogans, banging on the bars, but from this darkness they wand to bottle me up in I decided to make myself heard a little more (without descending into acts of self-harm, as I have never agreed with that).
In fact at 5pm on 26/12/19 I block the armoured door with a small table and toss out of the cell a small cabinet, buckets, brooms, clothes, fruit and anything else I could lay my hands on. In a word, I made a little space and gave a little light to the room. I handed them my prohibition to talk to anybody and told them that for my part there would never be any cordiality to those in a uniform especially those who lock us up with their own hands!
You can’t fraternise with your enemy, on the contrary you must have the pride and coherence to always go in the opposite direction, stubbornly, knowing well the consequences you’ll come up against (to tell the truth I had taken into account reports, days in solitary and charges, but not being thrown into a disused wing with no hot water, shower or heating…)
First I was held in unit 2 block 2 which is already meant to isolate you and adapt for AS2 and AS3 units, and precisely in this unit prisoners are transferred who quarrel with guards or commit acts not suited to the order established by the regulations!!!
In fact, precisely because this was already a punitive unit in itself, I had to remain in these small cells to serve the time of the disciplinary report (disciplinary reports that as always against comrades are countless).
And I should have gone up back to the wing, but no!!! Sciacca is anarchist and so it’s right that he stay where the sun never shines! And so since 26th December till today I’ve been in the darkest corner of the prison of Montorio where nothing works.
The woman governor calls me – I don’t go – to notify me of more charges and reports and so automatically they don’t send me up to the punishment unit and leave me to rot inside here. Imagine, having only one pen at my disposal for a few hours I indulged in drawing and writing on those already messy walls (with a thousand signatures which are sad, squalid and gloomy like the lives of our – today my – torturers) some lyrics, encircled As and slogans that have been shouted again and again in the streets for years. And they felt the duty to copy down precisely these writings and send them to the Turin prosecutors, are they so idiot that they need a few slogans to understand that I’m anarchist? And I’ve been struggling for years alongside many and against the status quo!!! Or perhaps their investigation is more and more shakey and unfounded? And so they are they trying to squash me and keep me in captivity? So as to be able to tear off the middle finger always ready for use!
I still remember that dark, sad, dirty cell with her [the prison inspector] there, who, in a condescending and fraternal way was telling me that “not even they believed what they had written about me, and given that the situation was already serious and I risk many years in jail, whenever I wanted I could call her”. Handing me fragments of conversations with comrades, friends and brothers whom I respect and continue to respect in spite of many divergences. I repeat that if they had deported someone who was like a brother to me and a friend and comrade of mine and many others, I’d have done anything to block the deportation, even risk my freedom!!! Because it’s one thing if they deport a number of migrants per month and they have all my solidarity and I am with them*. It’s another if they deport someone I ate together with, and this doesn’t mean being sentimental. But it was to make those eavesdropping pigs understand that we would all be there and that that deportation crap wouldn’t go unnoticed. They mentioned only a phone call, but that day I must have made 1,000 and not only in Italy! All in the same tone!!! Anyway both from these lines I’m writing and the detention I’m undergoing you can grasp what my answer to the inspector was like, to the help she wanted to give me!!!
(* Closeness and solidarity not for getting into the clogs of the system, of the very society against which we struggle, closeness and solidarity for the abuse, humiliation, torture and imprisonment that so many migrants are forced to endure, guilty of crossing an imaginary line called a border. In order to escape hunger, war, misery and exploitation and reach the nearest coasts, where they think they can breathe an air of freedom, rights and democracy, whereas on the contrary for us there’s an atmosphere of war and only one word is in our minds “revenge”!!! obviously each of us expresses it as best as we can; there are those who throw stones, those who write in blogs and create so many beautiful communiques; there are those who write on walls or smash some windows. Then there are those who take the tension upon themselves, “clash” outside a C.P.R. or prison, those who escape the citizens’ dynamics of struggle imposed for years and years, to make it clear that there’s no state or repressive system that can protect them, and there are those who collaborate with the state’s repressive machine, which must be attacked in order to be stopped and that we won’t forget anything and everything will be sent back to them!!!)
I want to say plain and clear that with the same courage with which we carry our struggle with ideas and practices outside these walls, we must have the same coherence and awareness to leave a strong message to those who try to cage, isolate, silence us inside these cages, and who lock up anarchists, rebels, revolutionaries inside these walls… that we never bow down to dominant power!!! There are those who use the technique of mental self-defence, waiting for the screws’ attacks to end sooner or later; there are those who react to the guards’ abuse by smashing plexiglass windows, as in Alessandria, those who trash the visiting area (in Ferrara), those who try to reconquer freedom trying to climb over the wall of Brucoli, those who did hunger strikes to the bitter end as in L’Aquila, and those who in Montorio organized bar- beating and smashed the cells, ending up against the guard’s cages. We know for certain that parts of the world are burning with freedom from Hong-Kong to Chile, from one corner to the other of the world revolt is blazing and it’s precisely for this reason that those robed, plain-clothed and uniformed gentlemen go for the most visible comrades who always keep the brazier of revolt alive. But you priggish leftists, libertarian thinkers, populists, those who put the dots on the i’s, beggars of visibility, what do you know of what a sincere anarchist comrade feels? I’m dressed like a ‘Michelin man’, I haven’t washed for 12 days and I feel on myself all the blood spilled in the Mediterranean, in my ears pound the quivers of cold and shouts of desperation that rise from the mountains of our borders, the images that appear like flashbacks of frozen bodies without shoes and of thousands of men women and children floating purple and breathless, seeking revenge and sooner or later they’ll get it.
Various countries are being bombed in the name of democracy for the profit of the few, those pigs who sooner or later will also bleed, entire territories are devastated, drained and depopulated or feeling the heavy weight of the technological machine that advances more and more and have the awareness of no longer being free people but numbers to which a detailed file corresponds, with pictures, fingerprints, D.N.A. and a thick network that widens like a spider’s web of contacts and relations, of friends, acquaintances and family! That’s what those gentlemen do, that’s what those who govern do, those who hold power, wear clean clothes but don’t have a heart and with their hands stained with blood kill, rape, bomb, exterminate and try to destroy our dreams of freedom, dreams that are already destructive at the same time!!!
And using their servants they crawl every day like lurid worms into our lives, so close that we can feel their fetid breath on our necks! But in order for them to descend to such meanness and do all this, it means they are scared and to be so scared it means only one thing, that their system and security are staggering on the edge of an abyss and that their world system that they obstinately carry forward is full of faults and cracks. It needs only a bit of courage, and when they are more vulnerable and least expect it, attack them where it hurts most. And certainly I’m not only talking about a merely political idea of taking a stance through social networks, but of being present in the struggle and in support of the comrades who struggle, not looking at who put it on FB!!! We must be that grain of sand that jams the cogs of this nefarious society. And we’ll continue to be those crazy hearts that run on coloured dreams, on the edge of madness, still here sweating and splitting blood for those dreams of fire, hot like our hands, strong like our anger!!!
I answered to all the comrades who wrote to me, I hope my letters reached you because I’ve had no reply, strange?!! Hahaha… Your letters, books, papers, pamphlets gave me much company and your warmth reached me beyond these walls!
A big hug to Madda, my little sister, to Nat. and my brother Gimmi!
And a big hug with clenched fists and nerves tensed to all the comrades locked up in jail!
Daje raga always with our heads held high!!!
Sciacca Giuseppe


Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!

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