Athens,Greece : We invite everyone on Saturday 7/03/20 at 18.00 in Monastiraki square to a transfeminist block.

Fascism, one of the structural elements of the state and its governance devalues the existence of individuals*. Since we are a collective consisting of transfeminists, anarchists, libertarian, queer, anti-speciests, poor and white individuals we stand in solidarity with those that experience every interstate, social and environmental war.We recognize that war is a perpetual situation all around us, reproduced by various means and practices, dislocating individuals from their vital and familiar environments and/or making those environments more oppressive and non viable for them. Specifically, the greek state also has always relied upon states of exception, the founding of concentration camps and ethnic cleansings.

The state, by categorizing the “other”, promotes the reproduction of discrimination of underprivileged groups and displays all its means of domination. In this way the already establisted construct of national identity finds fertile ground to evolve, through the legalization of even more violence, exercised by nationalist/patriarchical systems on underprivileged and oppressed identities. Ocasioned by the latest circumstances and the situation in Evros and the islands we declare that we stand against this violence and against borders.
We invite everyone on Saturday 7/03, at 18.00 in Monastiraki square to a transfeminist block.
*as individuals we count not only people, but also every other animal and existance.
Queer Ntekapaz

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