Toulouse, France : Incendiary sabotage of Engie Ineo and Dalkia vehicles – 11 February 2020

fire: tonight we had a good laugh
Incendiary attack during the night 10 – 11 February in Toulouse, rue georges labit during the night of 10 to 11 February, our hearts beating faster than usual and our foreheads beaded with sweat, we set fire to 3 nasty little cars. 1 utility vehicle of Engie Ineo, 1 beautiful company car of Engie Ineo and 1 Dalkia utility (EDF).
to put it simply we are bored in this shitty life and want to burn everything
we therefore suggest that you no longer piss yourself off by going on the next demo or gilet jaune action, le grand soir are all grand soirs when you go out with your lighter
there are targets everywhere, human or material, and it’s not very complicated to find something to burn them with
enough to light up the night and warm oneself. lol we are already far away when it burns it’s the sprint that warms us up
we slept well for once
a little thought for all those with fangs and the rebels locked up in one prison or another
[Taken from indy nantes (en débat), 14.02.2020]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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