Italy : Communique in solidarity with the antispecist prisoners in France 

Posted on 2020/02/14 by Quaglia – Suggestions, Ideas and Action for Animal Liberation
Translated by act for freedom now!
In the night between 27th and 28th September [2018] a group of people attacked a slaughterhouse in Hotonnes (Ain), France, as several vehicles and the building were set on fire, causing their destruction and the interruption of all work activities for 80 employees. Following investigations, 6 people were arrested in November 2019, 2 were later released and another 4 were subjected to custodial and restrictive measures. According to what the press reported, the arrested people are active in the eco and animal liberation struggle. They deny their involvement in the action they are accused of.
We are not interested in whether they carried out the action or not: we express our full solidarity with the arrested people because they are activists for animal and earth liberation and because they are undergoing State repression, which makes use of the various institutions of detention at its disposal to try to subdue the human beings and animals who rebel against the violent laws of the economic and social system.

Our solidarity and revolt is also for the authors of the action, whoever they are, and for all the activists in this world who put their freedom at risk to strike with all means necessary the places of torture and massacre of animals such as slaughterhouses, breeding farms, research centres and shops.
Anyone who chooses direct action as a method of struggle for total liberation can count on our support because direct action implies acting in first person without delegating the desired social change to politics, and because, besides achieving a concrete and immediate effect, it is something that can powerfully shake the apparent tranquillity and habits of daily horror.
Quaglia Collective!
February 2020
As we think the claim of this action is significant, we are also publishing it:
This is the text that accompanied the incendiary attack on the slaughterhouse of Hotonnes (Ain) in the night between 27th and 28th September 2018. In this night the moon is waning in its third quarter. A group of individuals attack a slaughterhouse and set fire to eight points, under vehicles and inside the building itself, after forcing the entrance and trashing the place. The electricity system was attacked with fire, thus probably causing the fridge and surveillance systems to stop working. A black and acrid smoke invades the starry sky and strikes the village of Hotonnesand and the surrounding area.
We also experience antispecist action in everyday life, in our relation with the living beings around us. So we are not interested in criticizing the killing as an intrinsically bad value because moral condemnation seems to us detached from any reality truly lived. We are more interested in extending antispecism to all living species and in refusing the false distinctions between so-called “sentient” beings and the others. Intensive pine planting for wood production and intensive breeding of hens for egg production have a similar effect on us. A deforested area can easily evoke a common grave. We don’t want a vegan or respectful to animals capitalism, which at the same time continues to exploit other species. 
Let’s say it clearly, we don’t support any kind of farm breeding however kind it might be. It always reminds us of domestication and of the fact of seeing nature around us as a resource to be exploited, while we are part of it and it is part of us. To accept being part of it means to accept the multiplicity of its relations, be this to meet a fox’s gaze, the sound of an axe striking wood, picking wild fruit at sunrise, climbing a tree, hunting the insects that attack our food or invade our places of life, the verbal or physical clash with other human beings.
Slaughterhouses, breeding farms, prisons are all ways of locking up, subduing. As we carried out this action we were together with our human and non human accomplices who were not there because they were locked up or under threat of it. By expressing our anger we carry you in our hearts.
And we hate the world that forces us to choose between killing cows with our passivity and risking to kill them with our acts of sabotage. Actually during the attack on this slaughterhouse we knew that cows were locked up in there, and even if we tried to limit the risks for them, our action might have stressed or hurt them. But we don’t want to forget that if our actions might be harmful, our indifference, on the contrary, definitely kills.
This action is part of the waves of “stop spécisme” attacks, but we think it is important to point out that our goal here is to take antispecism back to a vision of permanent conflictuality with all forms of authority. 
This world kills the wrong cows (1).
For the spread of chaos that refuses to choose between love and violence.
Luna Bianca [White Moon],
Branco Nero [Black Pack].”
Note: (1) This refers to the French slogan “Mort aux vaches” [death to cows], which means “Death to the pigs (cops)” in English – a typical example of specist language…
Source: Fenrir # 10

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