Support the 6 arrested on 1/3/18, in Greece,accused of clashes with the police
On Thursday 1st March 2018, after the anti-fascist anti-nationalist demonstration, in response to nationalist protests over Macedonian issue occurring at various regions of the country, has been finished, violent clashes with the police followed, as an act of solidarity to hunger/thirst striker Dinos Giagtzoglou. Police made 6 arrests.
After 4 days of detainment in awful conditions, full of physical and verbal violence and police brutality, we were released with restrictions, including prohibition of gathering for political purposes in the whole country, obligation to show up in the police station every two weeks and a bail of 7,000 €.
Our presence at the police stations is still ongoing, an unpleasant routine. We are all the time forced to face the irony, the hard looks, the hatred, in general, of the authorities, the hatred they have by nature for everyone that doesn’t agree to their monopoly of violence.
Three years after, at 3/3/2021 the case is being tried by the mixed jury court of Kalavryta. The charges laid against us have been classified as misdemeanors as well as felonies, while we are obligated to gather and disburse the tremendous amount of 6,000€, for the trial costs, during a period when all aspects of our lives have been suspended and even survival of millions people consists a daily struggle.

The current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, finds us all in a terrible, complex, insecure position. At the same moment, the state’s policies are a constant crime against all the people that belong to the lower class. The repression is everywhere, even the basic and necessary protective and care measures for those that live packed in migrant concentration camps, in prisons, for those that don’t have a house or even food, are absent. People are left to die alone, as the broken public health system can’t treat all the people in need, when in the same time the claim for all this is presented through the rhetoric of “individual responsibility” to be on us.
Speaking about the repressive policy of the state during the pandemic, we have to think about some recent and blatant examples. How does the ban of gathering of more than four people on days like the anniversary of the 17November uprising or the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos contributes to the restriction of the spread of the virus, when the next day people are crowded by the hundreds for the christmas shopping? How does the cresento of police violence against anyone that dares to question these irrational bans helps to reduce the number of the covid-19 cases? How can the fact that the memorial of the murdered by the police Alexis Grigoropoulos is guarded on the anniversary of his murder by the cops-killers be related to the management of the pandemic? How can the unnecessary addictions, the violent interventions on public spaces, the attacks on spaces and people that act on the bases of self-organization and mutual aid, the fines that equal the monthly salary, the police-occupied cities, the exhausting searches and raids on prisoner’s cells, the daily complaints about police brutality and power demonstration, help to lower the numbers of the people dying from the conid-19?
There are many questions and the answers are complex but at the same time so obvious. The authoritarian system is always in need of guardians. People that are expendable , that in the pretext of public safety, are willing to protect the systemic interests at all costs. This cost is the repression of the lower class, of those that highlight the negative aspects of authority, of those that show that this world is based on unsound foundations, of all the people that struggle everyday to produce the wealth that is necessary for the reproduction and the preservation of this system.
Finally, we are being tried at 3/3/21, accused of violence against fully-armored officers, of public property destruction, and a bunch of more ironic formulations. And the irony resides in the fact, that the police, as a state executive body can freely rampage and assault, so cruelly that nobody oppressed or damned could ever possibly do.
And they do so in a professional, methodical and effective manner, having always as target those that diverge from the so-called normality, those that seam weak, those that dare to rise up and fight against the current oppressive system and all form of authority that are born from its existence.
So, from our side, as we are fighting for freedom, as we are defending life, we can’t but put forward the solidarity among all suppressed and exploited, among everyone fighting and protesting for a just cause. Till are heard, till they wake up and breath free.
P.S. Many of the activities, that used to be organized by people of the wider radical political spectrum, can’t now take place, due to Covid-19 restrictions. Hence, no event can be planned, or be massively attended, to contribute in the financial support for covering court costs.
At this point we need to clarify that for us, solidarity is not just about the money. The economic factor is clearly a reality that need to be addressed. However, we believe that it would be a void process, if solidarity is narrowed down to the money issues. On the contrary, it is a constant, continuous relationship that includes all pats. It is a way, a value by which we choose build all of our relationships. In a world that wants us to fiction only as individuals, competing with everyone else, to internalize the difficulties and the pain, we choose to stand together with dignity, constantly empowering our bonds, feeding them, gaining strength from each other, fighting with vigor for a life with out oppression, exploitation, authority.
Solidarity is our weapon

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