(Italy-France) Besançon, France: Pre-confinement fire (11/03/2020)

Besançon, France: Pre-confinement fire (11/03/2020)
In the early hours of March 11 2020, a town hall van was set on fire, in a car park in the Vaîtes area.
In the middle of the election period*, while the Corona virus was spreading, we preferred to set fire to a car belonging to the city authorities rather than go and visit each of the candidates for the post of mayor/boss.
Fire is a suitable means for stemming the virus of the State and its lackeys.
* Italian translator’s notes: the first round of the municipal elections took place in France on Sunday 15 March; the second round, scheduled for the following Sunday, was canceled due to the epidemic and very low turnout and will perhaps be held in June.

via: insuscettibilediravvedimento

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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