Udine, Italy – Communique on the death of a prisoner in the prison of via Spalato

During the general information black-out due to the Codiv-19 emergency, and the subsequent block of all initiatives of mobilization and solidarity, news has finally filtered through of another bar-beating protest that broke out in the prison of via Spalato, Udine, on 15th March, following the news that a 21-YEAR OLD PRISONER DIED, apparently because of consequences due to administration of psychotropic drugs and methadone.
The State is responsible for whoever dies in jail, regardless of the cause of death! Unfortunately, for us it was almost impossible to be present outside the walls to show solidarity with those who, after the protest on Monday 9th March and simultaneously with the complete destruction of the prison of Modena, demonstrated how instead of complaining and begging the powerful, they can be active courageous individuals, destroying part of the structures in the prison of Udine.

In this phase of unheard-of emergencialist authoritarianism, prisoners in many Italian jails are giving us a huge lesson of dignity, rebelling with determination against a murderous State’s hypocritical and hateful diktats, a State which has never given a shit about their health condition and today even goes as far as denying their family visits. For this they have paid a huge price in blood: 14 dead hardly mentioned in the TV news, officially caused by “drug overdose”. Obviously these are uncomfortable deaths, to be hidden and distorted, in a period when other deaths, the coronavirus-related, are being acclaimed to the four winds so as to push on an unheard-of authoritarian experiment while concealing years of plunder and destruction in the public health sector.
These practices of real self-defence are to be claimed as heritage of all that society that doesn’t recognize itself in bosses, governors, priests, bureaucrats, magistrates, bankers, policemen, jailers, etc., i.e. in the instruments with which the State represses it, when it can master its own dynamics autonomously.
No emergency can hide the contradictions between oppressed and oppressors!
Let’s take an example from prisoners’ self-defence practices, let’s struggle to defend our lives!
Our health and security begin where the State and capital draw back!
Destroy prisons is right!
Udine-Trieste, 18 marzo 2020
Inferno Urbano
Translated by act for freedom now!

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