Italy – Revolt in the CPR of Gradisca d’Isonzo

Last night prisoners in the CPR of Gradisca, on hunger strike for some days, made their anger and desperation heard again by lighting fires in the cells. 
Police with military back-ups intervened to repress the protest and the fire brigade rushed to extinguish the flames at 9pm, 10pm, midnight and 2am. Furniture, mattresses, and plastic skylights were burning and some cells were damaged. The day before yesterday a person who tested positive to coronavirus and had been taken to the centre from Cremona and put in isolation according to the authorities, suffered a deterioration of his condition, with a high temperature, and was taken to hospital in Cattinara.
According to what we know, some guards were also put in quarantine, but nothing has been done for the other prisoners of the CPR.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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