Italy: Updates from Genova: Francesco released from prison and special surveillance for a comrade (February 6, 2021)

Last night Francesco was released thanks to a successful request for early release, which will probably lead him to face house arrest soon, but for the moment we are happy to be able to embrace him, free, outside the infamous prison walls. Updates will follow.
With regard to the request for Special Surveillance for a Genoese comrade, two weeks after the hearing of January 20, the court of Genoa decided to impose two years of red booklet [the booklet in which all restrictions are noted], all accompanied by 50 pages of reasons for the sentence.
We are well aware that our enemy will continue to attack us, trying to limit our freedom more and more, but we have long since chosen our side!
Alongside the comrades affected by repression, always complicit and in solidarity.
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